Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Today is a national holiday in the ol' US of A. Brego and I celebrated by participating in a small town parade in Maine. It was Brego's first parade, complete with balloons, streamers, horns and firetrucks. I am a big fan of parade safety, so I had a header with us through most of the parade. Brego did fine, but when the crowd pressed in halfway through, he got nervous. There was also some weird guy in a little mini car that kept circling behind us, getting closer and closer. We eventually asked him to move to another spot in the parade. Some people are so amazingly clueless about horses.

Anyway, Brego seemed to like the crowd and during the breaks when people approached he hammed it up as only he knows how to do, snuggling and kissing the ladies and gently nudging the tops of little boys' heads. What can I say? Brego likes his public.

Since the parade was on a paved road, and we have a show in two days, Brego was sporting his sneakers, complete with foam pads for shock dissipation. Not the most styling look in the world, but ya gotta protect those bare feet on uncertain terrain.

It was a lot of fun and I am really proud of Brego for doing so well. Our barn won first place in the "Horse and Wagon" division. A great start to a great weekend.


Funder said...

You didn't put glittery flags on Brego? Or drape red white and blue streamers all over him?! Tsk tsk, so unpatriotic. :P

Daun said...

Ha! I have learned from vast readings on the intraweb that glitter hoof polish and body paint do not easily come out in time for a show. Plus, I am three times the age of the other riders. I have earned the right to be crotchety about horse decorating. :)

Brego did sport a red, white, and blue ribbon browband. It was very bling.

Maybe Mae said...

Love his sneakers!

It's only been recently that I noticed tubes of glitter at the tack shop and realized (with a touch of horror) that people must use it to glitterize their horses. Is that something new? When I rode as I kid I certainly never knew any riders who put glitter on their horses. Too weird.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 4th!

Also, read this in another blog and I thought you'd be happy :) I know I am!

'I was delighted by the recent announcement by the US Equestrian Federation of changes to cross-country fences. These have been agreed to address the ongoing issue of horse and rider deaths in eventing competitions from rotational falls.

The use of approved frangible technology, which means the fence will break when it is hit hard, will be applied to all new fences from 1 December 2008. Fences made before this date will have to be retrofit by 1 December 2009.'

Baby steps, huh?

Daun said...

Yes, very good news. It seems the USEA and USEF are making inroads, but I hope it is not too late for this sport.

I am also concerned about the called for "bifurcation" between the Upper Level Riders and the rest of us. It would not bode well for the sport at all.

Anonymous said...

It was just an idea put forward though, right? Hopefully whoever it is makes those decisions won't be dumb enough to do it. :(
/Could be wrong, I am not as up-to-date with the sport as I would like, lol!