Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conditioning Track

We got a nice ride in yesterday on the new conditioning track. Three 5-minute trot sets and one 2-minute canter. Brego came off fine and rearing to go, but I want to tone it down for a bit to see how he bounces back.

My riding buddy was having a quarrel with her TB about the spooky farm equipment around the track. Brego and I just cruised on by. It's times like this that I really appreciate his brain. He's not the fastest runner or the highest jumper, but each ride is that much more pleasant because he is so settled.

I am going to do some light dressage today to keep up with the bending work and then Brego gets tomorrow off.

I am already practicing my "Ware hole!" for Saturday!!! Can't wait!!


McFawn said...

I really think you should send a pic into George Morris's Jumping Clinic. In the photo a few post back, your position looks VERY strong and Brego is round. Too bad there's that other jump in the way. But if you have another photo, you should think about it. His comments really are spot-on, and it would be fun to see what he'd say about Brego (you never know with him...)

Also, you moved from Texas to Maine, right? And with Brego, right? I'm new to the blog but trying to figure out the timeline. Is there a post about your move in the archives? Thanks!

Daun said...

You are very generous with your comments. If I got a clean picture, I would consider sending it to Mr. Morris.

If you hang out on this blog enough, you will pick up that I have a strong allergic reaction to the US show hunter scene. I rode hunters for, oh, 20 years and it completely burned me out. Even today, I board at a hunter barn and I have to bite my tongue when I see inept riders on fancy warmbloods pinning higher than my hard-working buddies on rescue horses. You see the same in dressage, but at least there, the judges have to pretend to be objective on the test sheets which you get to read. :)

Secondly, I also live in fear of being labeled a horse abuser by forcing my poor draft horse to jump (even though he loves it). So I find myself a little defensive around vets, ignorant trainers at horse shows, etc.

For example, I went to a hunter show with my barn mates for fun. While I was warming up, all the railbirds were talking about how cruel I was and how "that poor horse doesn't belong". Well he went in a smoked them and they changed their tune (we won 2nd). When you see him jump, you can tell he is not uncomfortable, but still, until you do... people make assumptions.

As for vets, I have found that no matter what the ailment, it's alway s because Brego jumps. Never mind that he has clean xrays, has historically been sound (aside from this current strain), and loves his job. So I spend a lot of time explaining and educating and I am not afraid of whipping out the cd of my last xrays to show vets/people who jump to conclusions.

Anyway, I should be brave and send a picture to Mr. Morris (maybe I will also send in Brego's xrays! :) ). I am sure I would really appreciate his comments although I am the first to admit I am not an equitator. If I get a good one, I will definitely send it in. Maybe when Brego is feeling better in the sand, I will try to get one over a nice oxer.

As for the move, here are all the posts about the journey. They are in reverse chronological order, so start from the bottom!

Thanks for reading!! I appreciate your comments very much.

sidetracked said...

Where in Maine do you live? I also am a Mainer. This fall our barn is thinking of going to Snowfields to ride the cross country course. We're all primarily hunters and equitation but we do have a wild side and think that cross training is great for ALL horses. My Possum would eat it up. He loved the hunter paces that we have entered in the past. We should look each other up. I know I havn't seen you on our show circuit you would stick out on the perch. I also stick out in hunter classes with an ugly appy.

I know exactly what you mean when you say your horse may not be the fastest or the biggest jumper but his brain is worth a lot. My Possum has a great brain and would try and jump the moon if I asked him, his athletic ability matched with his heart and brain are not ont he same plane. Wew try our best and he is just so much fin to ride.

Maybe Mae said...

I would LOVE to see George Morris comment on a Brego pic. Unless he gets snarky for no apparent reason, which he very well might...but I predict he would (grudgingly, maybe) admit that this draft belongs over fences!