Monday, August 11, 2008

One Day Closer

We are taking it day by day and today was a GOOD Day!! The wraps came off this morning and Brego's leg looked great. The swelling is almost completely gone and there was no heat. So Brego got an ice pack for 15 minutes for good measure and then back out to the field to his buddies.

When I arrived this evening, he was in good spirits. He was slightly back sore from the work yesterday but his leg looked good and he was chatty and interested. We went to work on dressage and I attempted to bend him into a stretch as I learned yesterday. Wow, we've got some work to do there! I also worked on my position in the canter and it is much harder on the big boy. He's not as consistent or balanced as the schoolie and his stride is quite large. We had a pretty solid work out and then I performed the test for the upcoming show, working on memorization. Not great, but not too shabby. The goal of this weekend is to complete, not to compete, so I am just hoping for some consistency among all the nerves.

After the stretching work, Brego's back was better than before the ride. He did not react to my poking and prodding of his back. Good dressage is supposed to be like a good massage, working the muscles out and lengthening them.

Brego gets another poltice tonight after all the dressage work.

Still no word on the event itself. It rained today and will tomorrow as well, but then is supposed to clear out for the rest of the week. Fingers crossed.


Beckz said...

Oh yay! I actuallt have phantom nerves when I read about your big show. I miss showing so much :(.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck at the show, that is one cute horse. I love the big guys!

spotteddrafter said...

Good luck at the show! I'm glad that Brego is feeling back to his oldself!

Off topic, kinda...I just read your post about the 3rd level schoolie at the dressage barn! Shame on them for asking him to work while being that sore! OMG! When my mare had a girth gall, I rode bareback for a week, while also putting ointment on it every day, before I even thought about girthing her back up! Geez, what is wrong with people?!?!

fssunnysd said...

Tough decision! Good luck at the show.

Kudos to you on walking away from that lesson situation. Man, it just hurts how some places treat their horses. Sad. Very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the show!
I do Equitation in APHA shows, which is a little like dressage tests, because the class is a pattern in which we have to execute. It is my favorite event, and these are some of the things I do before going into the ring--maybe they will help you!
1. The day of the show, I never practice the whole test in completion. If the horse thinks he knows what he's 'supposed to do', sometimes they make huge errors (turning at the wrong cone, making terrible 'straight' lines) because they try to take over the test. I practice 'transitions'--if I know from one cone I have to go from a left lead canter into a sitting trot, then I'll just practice that. If I know I'll have to pick up a right lead canter from a walk, I'll check that and make sure we have it. I run through every /aspect/ of the test, but I never do it all together so the horse doesn't try to go on auto pilot. It is also a FABULOUS way to know that you really KNOW the test... because you're dissecting every bit of it!
2. The other thing I do is visualize my test. I used to laugh at people who visualized competitions or games or whatnot, but I did it at my last Regional show, and what a DIFFERENCE it made! When I ride through tests I often just go on autopilot and forget to check my horse, forget where the cones are, and my circles could be sloppy because I'm not paying attention to the horse, I'm paying attention to the test.
When I visualized, I watched myself go through each part of the test, saying what cues I would give, and riding 'in my head' how the horse would respond, and how I wanted him to move. When you go out to do the actual pattern, you're like--pssht! I've done this! Eaaasy.

Also, in your quest to keep Brego black, I am going to be right in with you! I just bought a black colt, and I know it's going to be hell to keep him black. If I run into anything that works... I will let you know!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the new picture in the title! :D!

PlaysWithPercherons said...

Love Love Love the header!

Daun said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the feedback and advice on how to prep for the show. Definitely food for thought. I don't always get to reply to everyone individually, but I read every comment.

Thanks for the compliments on the header. I am trying to get a more consistent look and feel with all the technology. Now that I have such a nice camera, I need to increase the production values of my videos!