Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Deep Breath Before The Plunge

Maybe it's the impending Olympics, whose eventing events I will be watching online, every frame, or maybe I have been listening to too much Tolkien on my daily two hour commutes, but there is an energy building. It's almost here...

Show time!

The largest distraction from my horse in my Other Life, my job, has finally released. We shipped our damn product and now I can get back to a regular 40 hour work week. Which means more time to spend with Brego. And not a moment too soon, since we have the big recognized show in, say, 9 short days.

Brego's leg is pretty close to perfect. There's still a little wind puff type swelling, but I can't get anyone at the barn, trainers, etc to get worried about it. When I went out today, I just couldn't stand the thought of working in the indoor, torrential rain or not, so I went for a hack. A real honest to goodness hack. Due to daily afternoon showers, I have not been out on a hack in several months. But today was the day, show or not, to get reacquainted.

On the way out, exploring, we had a riding buddy to show us the way. She generously showed us to the open gallop fields, which when they are dry, will be my new favorite spot, and then booked it back to the farm for her lesson. Brego and I were left alone to wander. My dopey trail horse, following head to tail, suddenly went on high alert. He was up, but soft, with an immense power and energy that felt contained (again too much Tolkien) by his trust in me. He wanted to run screaming back to the barn. But he stayed because I wished it and we explored the fields in a buttery sitting trot in a perfect baroque frame. I do, deeply, love this horse.

The weather is terrible, the trails are mud, the bugs are maddening, but he still finds a way to be gorgeous, miles from home and all alone. Just for me.

It was the tonic we both needed. He felt so good, I am confident about getting him back and ready before the show. Tomorrow we will return to the indoor, because more rain is forecast. And then over the weekend, I have two dressage lessons on different horses and Brego and I are scheduled to school at UNH. One final cross country schooling before the big show. There's much to do: Reread the rule book, polish tack, dry clean show clothes, learn my dressage test, shave Brego, stay calm, stay calm, breathe, stay calm. The dress rehearsals are almost over. I am officially accepted into the show, although I do not have a ride time yet. Things are about to get very exciting.


Dressage Princess said...

What a poetic post! The Tolkien indeed.
Good luck with your preparations, I'll be looking forward to updates.

MARGIE said...

Talk about breathing and staying calm! I entered my first ever minitrial with my Clydesdale/QH cross this weekend. I'm so nervous-even though its only the intro division. But, it's our first and a huge milestone for me. Good luck you guys! You've been quite an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

Just what you guys needed!