Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Video - Kingsbury Hill

Many thanks to all my great readers who cheered me on and supported me through the show. I really was encouraged by all the well wishes. Many people in my Other Life do not understand what the show meant to me, but I know from all the comments that you understand. So thank you!

Today Brego and I went for a long hack through the woods alone. We ran around, trotting and cantering logs, and then just walked on the buckle. I learned a lot about both myself and Brego during the show, the least of which is how great he is outside the arena. I had forgotten that. I am going to try to get out more, at least twice a week. I am also putting together another couple of blog posts that go into more detail about some of the things I learned at the show, specifically around shoes and traction and, of course, conditioning.

And Mae, there will not be another recognized show this year, but I have lots of fun activities planned for the fall! Hint: Cubbing season starts soon!


rachel! said...

Thank you for taking us along for your show! I love living vicariously through you & the big man.

I'm also SO excited for you to take us all foxhunting! (And now that you've hinted you can't possibly back out!) It's something I really want to try with my guy, but I'm not sure we'll make it this year.

tsp said...

great video! i will be curious to hear about the traction at the show. my mare is also barefoot, and honestly her feet are REALLY healthy now so i have no interest in doing shoes.

most of the trials out here in california are on dirt, so it might not be an issue for us...but it is certainly a curiosity! and several of the other students in my barn travel out to places that trial on grass...those trials don't usually have BN, though, lol.

tsp said...

oh, and a question: what video camera do you use? the quality looks really nice and i'm in the market. trying to find something affordable that doesn't look like the video was shot underwater. thanks, in advance.

Daun said...

The "traction" post will be coming in soon, but I have talked about Brego being barefoot in the past on this blog. If you read a couple of show reports and the comments you can see I have been battling the footing for some time.

As for the camera, it is my new obsession. It is a Canon HV30. I film on 1080i, 60 fps, and export directly to Adobe Premier Professional. I encode h264, 1920 x 1080 and upload to

For still pictures, I use a Canon Digital Rebel XSI with L-lenses for clarity. I shoot both RAW and JPEG. I export to Adobe Lightroom and do no post processing except cropping and editing out my license plate. :)

I have awesome equipment, now I need to learn how to use it. I still need work on color balance and other post production techniques.

Maybe I will put together another post just on the production technology I use to produce the blog. There's a lot of work that goes in behind the scenes, which is why it sometimes takes days for me to get the video content out. I just need to quit my job and devote myself full time to horses and I will be set. :)

Beckz said...

Well done such a good effort. I saw two things, in the dressage you did all of your trotting on the same diagonal and you dropped him into a few showjumps but I can't get over the change in him, like a completely different more athletic version of himself. Remember when he would canter up and just lurch over?? Those days are clearly long gone.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else high-def, full-screen this video? :D I did!
Other then what Beckz said, I was pleased to notice that your hands have gotten much quieter at the posting trot. You used to bring your hands up as you posted, and that's something I always notice when watching any rider, because it disrupts the bit contact every time you move your hands--and it makes horses dead to a bit. Bravo, looking good there!
Your seat at the canter is also looking much better, but you still have to sit back. Loosen and follow with your hips, and put your shoulders over your hips! Usually, once you sit back, you don't have any shoulder 'pumping' problems.
Brego looked bend-y and a very nice ride!
Without going into to much detail, I am curious to your take on a following hand at the canter. When the horse canters, as you know, they use their neck bobs forward. In your test you rode with a steady hand, which is what a lot of Dressage teachers emphasize. I've read and watched it and researched it, trying to decide which is better--a steady hand, or one that follows the mouth. Classical trainers state that a horse can only canter without bobbing it's head at a very, very high level. (Think of the Spanish Riding School.) And many horses, when you use a steady rein, seem to 'pivot' around the bit, and don't lift their leading front leg until the back leg has come under to start another stride (In other words, eliminating the moment of suspension in the canter). There are many sites/pictures/videos that illustrate this better then I can, but alas. I ride at the moment with a following hand, and if my horse ever makes it to the level where he can canter with a steady head, then I will have a steady hand! (The same goes for the walk!)
You are EXACTLY how eventing riders should look, and should be. Calm, in control, and confident, instead of flying around a course and shoving your horse over every jump. I'm so happy for you guys, and whenever it is that I make my debut years down the line... I hope it is half as good as your test. :)

Daun said...

Yep you are correct about my rising trot. I forgot to switch my diagonal at E. I also forgot the test half way through, so I guess I am lucky things didn't get worse!

And I did drop him a couple of times. The best fence out of the show jumping round was fence 2. That was the one time I felt like him did not look, pause, then jump. He just took it in stride. I need to work on capturing that feeling more often. Not coincidentally, he was also really in front of my leg for that fence and excited.

I have been working on my posting hands, and it IS better, but still much to do. I tend to stiffen my left elbow which doesn't help.

As for my canter... *sigh*. My position really suffers. Something is not working properly. I have done longe line lessons on Brego, but the most progress I have made was cantering on a schoolie in a dressage lesson. His canter was more balanced and still. Brego's canter is still rather rangy although it is much better.

This is an attempt to canter on the left lead last september.

It's amazing our dressage trainer didn't fire us on the spot. :)

Daun said...

Oh yea, and the fixed hand is not right. I actually try to follow with my inside and fix my outside. Both are not right, for my position or his level of training.

So yes, a following hand would be better. I think subconsciously, I feel like I need to hold Brego up in the canter. My last dressage lesson, my trainer commented on it, but we will address it more in the future!

Anonymous said...

Your position doesn't suffer, it just isn't perfect. Let me dig up some youtube videos and you'll feel a heck of a lot better about yourself.
I have two horses, and riding one at the canter is a dream--riding the other at the canter is like a rollercoaster, and it is way hard to sit in a better position. But I find that when I manage to do it... the canter softens. It's an ongoing battle. :P

And, hehe! I think it's harder for heavier horses to canter correctly... it's so much WORK. But he looks fantastic now. :)

And I know what you mean by 'holding him up!' I was just curious as to what you thought. I'm sure you and your trainer will figure out what is best for Brego... um, HELLO, look how awesome you guys are already! :D

The Thoroughbred Hunter Lady said...

....found your blog via COTH and am so very impressed at what the two of you have accomplished, what a team, great riding and an oh-so-very-handsome horse!

Wiola said...

Excellent video - high score for artistic impression! :)
An instructor in me wants to pick on your mistakes but a coach in me is delighted with your corrections! Dressage - Brego looked yet again more balanced. SJ - You had a great rhythm to start with and some jumping efforts were so much better than what I saw on your earlier videos. And super xc pics :)
I just had to make a post over on my blog - Brego needs more publicity, these heavy horses really can do it!x

Daun said...

Believe me, I am VERY proud of both of us! I know we've come a long way. But I study riding and horses most of my waking hours so I have a pretty high standard and picture in my head. And then when I watch the video, Brego looks awesome, be egads! what am I doing with my elbows?? :)

We will get there, but I will always be the first one to be critical of my riding.

Thoroughbred Hunter Lady,
Thanks for your compliments and welcome!! I hope you enjoy the blog, and as you can see, we can get some great conversations going in the comments. Jump in and lend us your wisdom!

Thanks for the bumo from your blog!! You should clinic in the US, so you can teach me! Just hearing about all you have to go through to get certified on your blog is so tremendous. I really wish the US had a system like that. Come on over and I can set up a clinic!!

Anonymous said...

One thing I really noticed is Brego seemed so ON and into it. How proud you must feel, you guys really pulled off some good work! Your both coming along nicely.

Wiola said...

Haha, I wish - maybe one day!! :)