Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rock The Vote

It's time to cast your most important vote ever! I have put up a poll asking what you, valued reader, would like to see more of on this blog. I am but your humble servant and would like to know in which direction to take the blog. Since the last poll in Dec '07, Team Brego has grown in readership by oh, about 1000%.

In fact, here are some fun stats about this blog:

  • Inception Date: July 9, 2007
  • Number of Posts: 167
  • Unique Hits: 13,830
  • Current Subscribed Readers: 64
  • Current Subscribed Email Readers: 19
  • Highest Readers: 72

Here's an updated wordle:

As always, if you have a specific request, please post it in the comments and I will reply as soon as possible. Thanks so much, you all make it worth while!


Funder said...

Hey, you threatened to post something profound about footing at the eventing. What's the update on that? And how're Brego's feet, and was it hard to find a good trimmer in MA?

Otherwise, I enjoy it all. Especially the dressage videos, which I am finally beginning to SEE stuff in.

Daun said...

Funder, I know I know, I am a bad blogger. I was waiting to publish the Traction post when I heard back from EasyCare and I just did. So look for it this weekend.

I will also answer your questions in it and hopefully get some updated feet pictures (Brego was trimmed yesterday).

Your dressage lesson posts are awesome!! Keep them up!

Anonymous said...

XD I voted (ok, I just picked the beer review option!) but I honestly just like reading about how you guys are doing.


Jacqueline and Phoenix (Percheron/Paint)

Mama2Arden (Dora) said...

I stumbled on this blog though a post on Percheron Network... that I ended up finding in a desperate internet search to find people who found themselves the proud owner of a draft that they decided to really ride under saddle (in my case dressage). Parts of your blog are so similar to my own story that I don't want anything else but to see you keep posting! Thanks for the work :-)