Friday, November 7, 2008

First Hack

Today was warm, but no rain so I decided to go ahead and go for our first hack around the property. It was also our first ride since the big fall, but I was surprisingly unconcerned. It was also the first hack since the kick. Brego's leg looks almost normal, but the hock is very tight. He's been favoring it for some time now. So a slow walk through the woods and up and down hills is exactly what he needed.

It was nice to be back in the saddle again and Brego was eager to go. I can tell from his goofy, expressive personality that he is feeling better these days. We explored the back of the property, getting thoroughly lost, for about 40 minutes and then hacked down the road to the fairgrounds/farmers' market to work on bending on level ground. The boy was stiff and I was not much better. Between his leg and my knee, we were quite the walking wounded. Four good legs between the two of us.

It was quite warm so the walk back home up the steep hill got him sweaty. He got a nice cool down, a little in hand work to stretch his neck, and a snack in his stall before going back to his main job: brush hog.

This whole crazy adventure just might work out. The barn is pretty small and definitely not built like Fort Knox, but since I won't be storing food in it, I think the stalls will hold Big Brego. The property is pretty wooded, but the place across the street is drop dead gorgeous pasture, so I know what is possible. Of course, I can't afford the drop dead gorgeous property across the street, so I am pretty lucky to have what I have (as we all are in these crazy times).

Thanks for all the kind compliments, everyone. Seeing Brego out the window in the morning makes the last year and the big move from Texas worth it. I couldn't afford a place like this in the Austin area. It has been hard leaving my friends and familiarities behind for a better horsey life. And people definitely talk "funny" up here. But everyone is friendly, our neighbors are gracious and kind and it's starting to feel like we've finally come home.


sylvia said...

great to hear that you went for a nice ride today, daun. sounds like it's what the doctor ordered. :) i think your place is wonderful!(sure looks it) you are lucky...and so is brego. everything will continue to settle and it will feel more and more like home.
as for the talking funny thing, (are you from tx originally?) i bet it is hard getting used to n.h. folks talk?? LOL! they have three dialects rolled into one, in my opinion. the maine accent, the boston accent, and the new england...all in one. *wicked* being my favorite words! i use it alot, and the southern peeps around here think i'm a fruit cake. take care of your knee!

Daun said...

Hey Sylvia,
I enjoyed your blog, by the way!

Yes, I am a native Texan (which is a birth right, or some such nonsense). However, I grew up in a rich, white suburb of Houston so I have little to no accent. Unless I am really drunk. Supposedly.

I have been known to drop a "y'all" in polite company, which is a perfectly cromulent word. And of course, the plural form: "all y'all" is equally delightful.

You forgot in your accent description the small peppering of a Canadian accent in the speech of the locals. I have to say the Down East accent in Maine is by far the most unusual. I can't understand a word people say there.

EVERYONE uses wicked up here, which makes me laugh and start dropping my "r"s in mimicry.

Wick'd Smaaaat.

Serena said...

So. Awesome.
How cool to be able to go hack in the New Hampshire fall colors RIGHT OUT YOUR OWN BACK DOOR!!
Although if everyone is a Red Sox fan up there, it may not be worth it. Serena h8ts the Red Sox.

Tripple Spring said...

I am so happy for you and Brego! I'm jealous that you get to see your horse every morning when you wake up!

Jonna said...

Hi there- Just found your site and was captivated because your horses name is Brego. Our 2 year old Morgan/barb colt is also names Brego. We named him because in Olde english it means Chieftan or Kingly. It looks like your guy is just that!

dp said...

Yeah, it's all a bit jumbled around there. People often ask me if I'm from Michigan. I guess that native Torontonians sounds Michiganny.

sylvia said...

i forgot the canucks, eh? LOL! yes, the mainers are hard to understand at times. i have a dear friend back home..his mom is from a small island off the coast of maine. i cannot understand her. ever. do/did you ever catch SNL when rachel dratch and jimmy fallon would do the skit with the video camera? dead on. when we first moved here, "buggy, holler (ar?), sack, pop, bubby, and sissy" were all WTF??!! words to me. have you seen this?

oh, and collar...what collar do you want your hair? it's COLOR!! not a shirt collar. LOL!

have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys are all settling in so nicely! Sounds like you are in an awesome area to ride too!!

BTW, You've been TOASTED! Go check my blog! :)