Sunday, November 16, 2008

Off Topic: Wild Turkeys

I apologize for another turkey post. Last one, I promise.

It's been raining for three days and I haven't made it back to the indoor, so there's not much to report on the horses. Brego seems less grumpy. Maybe he's getting used to the quiet. Brego's leg continues to heal. The gash now looks more like a scrape, still red and exposed, but not really weeping anymore. We took the blankets off my old TB mare and she has definitely been gaining weight, so that is a relief. Hopefully, we can continue the trend before it gets really cold.

Turkeys in the front yard

Roosting on the fence

The turkeys have decided they really like the property. They are almost constantly about, and although I do not feed them, they find plenty to eat in the pasture. There are eleven of them and one Tom that I can identify. They are HUGE. And no, I will not hunt them. I have nothing against it, but since they live here, I consider it entrapment. I plan to raise my own turkey next year and we'll see how that goes. Plus, I don't own a rifle :)

Wild Turkeys from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.
Hey, at least Brego is in the video.

They have started roosting in my front yard along an old wooden fence. Then, around 8 am or so, they wander back to the pasture and start scratching. They stay away form the horses and Brego is pretty wary of them, always turning to face them. But so far, no challenges or squished birds.

At least the birds like the pasture

Since it is supposed to clear out today, we're going for a ride. I am hoping to make the power lines about a mile away which have snowmobile trails which lead north-south for about 30 miles. They may be too wet in the summer, but once it freezes, they may be passable. I am hoping for conditioning trails in the spring, to do my sets on.

My house also is sandwiched between two state parks, about 3 and 5 miles away. The closest one is not as nice, but it's very easy to get to and I won't have to ride on too many roads. The roads are pretty decent, 35 mph, and I bought reflective vests to wear if we do ride them. The other park is farther and nicer, but I haven't figured out how to get there yet. Lots of time to explore if we could catch a break on the weather on the weekends. Rains all weekend and clears out for Monday, then rains again Friday, rinse and repeat.


allhorsestuff said...

Those birds are so funny!
I think it is nice that they scratch around and keep things moving.
Hope the trails are nice for you..we too are getting repreave from ick weather so, I'm off for a scouting ride myself!

I sure envy your solitude with your horses may trailer for the crouds and events..but don't have the social stuff I have to put up with still boarding...I metioned Brego in my last post.. because you have your own are not being told you're not good enough to jump and all the weird social stuff that can go along in boarding! Glad you're mare has gained too..I jsut got told to keep my hands out of the hay(though i wrote it down to pay for the flake and 1/2 I took)They only get 4 flakes!!!
Well, I'm rising above..gonna buy my own bale to give snakes from and soon will be taking lessons elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL, man the Wild Turkeys crack me up! I was just drinking some WT 101 last night actually...
Once I had to be a cop for the base for a couple weeks and they sent me up on top of this mountain at the end of one of the beaches. We have some AF stuff up there and there were wild pigs and chickens up there but then out of no where this HUGE male wild turkey appeared! He looked exactly like he just stepped off the bottle! I fed him Chex Mix and he hung around for a while. I have a pic of him some where.

amy said...

Hey !!!

I was sad to see brego and hobby gone when i went to the barn :( But it looks like you are all doing well :) I love the pictures of your barn, and the hay bales... you guys are too funny!! Well keep in-touch. I haven’t trimmed Levi yet, but I am have been looking into buying all the tools ( man they're expensive) but well worth it. i have to get a move on though because he will be due before i know it!!

P.s. the turkeys are funny, they fit right in!!!!