Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When it Rains

Remember that cute, spring-fed trough I had sunken in the ground? Remember that charming trickle of water which kept it full?

Well, New Hampshire had a bit of a flood today, we got about 5 inches. And the trough turned into this:

Please note the standing water on top of the gravel around the trough.

Thankfully, the horses have a (semi-) dry barn for the first time in their life. It will be the first night in stalls since the move. The pasture is so flooded that the horses would:
a) hurt themselves
b) wreck what little progress we've made on that pasture

Plus, after midnight, it's supposed to turn to ice. Yay!

But who's complaining? This beats a blizzard any day.


Andrea said...

Holy crap!!!! Is THAT what I'm supposed to be looking forward to when I move this weekend to CT??

I guess it's better than where I was in OH, which currently has 3.5 feet of snow already. Ohhhh lake effect....

dp said...


EvenSong said...

Actually, I think I'd rather have the blizzard (as long as my trusty New Holland starts)--ICE is DANGEROUS! to human and equine alike. And there's not much you can do about it until it warms up.

Stay warm, and give an extra treat to Brego, to warm him from the heart out.

A Bay Horse said...

Totally off topic but I enjoy your blog and tagged you for a meme here if you want to participate. :)