Monday, November 24, 2008

Satisfying Ride

The weather abated a bit so it was only 30F and 15 mph winds when we set out to ride to the power lines.  It took about an hour to get Brego forward into the bit and not jigging and behind the bit. On the way to the power lines, I took him to the fairgrounds were the ground was well drained and not frozen and we did some speed work.  He actually did quite well, never offering to buck or misbehave.  Without the hounds or the other horses, I had more of his attention.

We made for the power lines and it looks like there will be plenty of riding there.  The terrain is rocky and steep, reminiscent of Central Texas.  This is really good news because it will provide an area where I can keep Brego's feet conditioned to rocks.

A big, fat horse gets a chase body clip.

The picture of innocence

So it was a good ride, with some good speed work, where I had his attention.  He was so good, I didn't get a chance to work on my maniacal laugh.  :)

After the ride, we had dinner guests and one of the women wanted to ride, so I put her on Brego bareback to play around in the backyard.  It's amazing how that horse can go from demonic to teddy bear.  He was a perfect gentleman.  Horses need good work to be happy and feel self confident.


Wiola said...

He looks so soft and cuddly :)

allhorsestuff said...

Oh love the clip!
Yes..the need for work is real!
Glad you had a good time on those rocky hills..

Anonymous said...

Aww, he looks great!
I know what you mean with the work too. Klein is the same way. I thought for SURE she'd be tired after our four 5 min trots with three 2 min canters in between. NOPE. It was like she was totally refreshed the next day. She was so bouncy and ready to go the next day, and that day turned out to be the best jumping we have done yet! She loves that kind of stuff!

Funder said...

Oooh, glad you bailed on the hunt and had a good ride on your terms yesterday.

What do you wear in that weather? Specifically, how do you avoid the icy wind-daggers at your waist?

wolfandterriers said...

Awesome comment on work! I completely and totally agree on that.

Funder, in my godawful cold area (WV) I wear Nike Dry Fit tights under my breeches (as the capris sit high) and tuck my undershirt(s) into that. Beats the cold for me!

Daun said...

Thanks everyone!

Stacey, Brego is nowhere close to as fit as Klein. I read your posts about recovery and my jaw drops. Poor guy... maybe next year. :)

Yea, it's a work in progress. Since it was relatively warm (30F), I just went with my normal weight breeches and my winter mountain horse boots (LOVE THEM!). I wore a wicking shirt, a cotton long sleeve shirt, a sweat shirt, and then a skiing coat which covers my bum. I wore normal weight gloves and nothing over my ears.

I was fine until the second hour or when riding directly into the wind. I would love to get mountain horse winter breeches, but they're biggest is one size too small for me when I wear tights underneath. I also need winter riding gloves. This gear is expensive, so I am picking it up slowly but surely.

I did buy a pair of extreme Carhartts overalls which I can wear with my saddle seat saver to protect my saddle. That's my extreme weather plan, to ditch riding specific gear and just protect the saddle from rubs from tough fabric. We'll only be walking in that kind of weather anyway, so the bulk should not matter.

I really wish I had kept my old Tucker trail saddle for deep winter riding. My English saddle won't fit my insulated butt so well.

Anonymous said...

Daun, look into the irideon winter breeches. I wear a pair (and sometimes, an occasional pair of swishies over top depending on how cold it is), but I know they come in a lot of sizes and they're warm as hell.
As for gloves... I got my pair in a tack shop that was for jockeys in the back of the Philly Race Track, and I've never seen them anywhere since. They're a SSG glove, but they're not on the website and not in any tack store--which is a shame, because they're the best ever. If I ever see them I will immediately link you them! They were ridiculously cheap, too. Damn it. lol
(Us New Englanders have to stick together!)

Melissa said...

Awwwe, Brego looks so sweet! Nice job with the clip. Give Brego a big hug for me for being so good for being such a great boy with your dinner guest. Its always nice to have a horse that you can trust with people they don't know very well.