Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Indoor Arena and Manure Spreaders

I love it when someone does your work for free. I have been slowly acclimating to the natural rhythm of this little farm and part of the daily ritual is the March of the Turkeys. There is a rather large rafter, about 12 individuals, that comes through the farm every day. Two toms, three or four hens, and the rest young. Since the turkeys have discovered horse poop, they've been around about three times a day. They scratch and spread the manure in the pasture so I don't have to! Gotta love free labor.

Meet my new manure spreaders

I went for a ride in the indoor across the street. It's a good size, great lighting and good footing. My neighbor is very gracious and is letting me hire it out for a very reasonable hourly rate. I am going to be able to ride twice a week after work and hopefully get to ride on the trails on the weekends.

Brego did very well mentally. He hasn't forgotten anything and his lateral work at the walk was really good. His work at the trot was very stiff, but since it was one of the more recent things we worked on, I was not surprised. He felt pretty even at the trot and I got some nice big stretching trots. After about 25 minutes though, he felt tired so I just cooled him out at the walk. At the canter, he did not feel right at all, so after a few strides we went back to the trot. His leg wound is still open and actively weeping/bleeding. It's not gross or infected anymore, but he's still on antibiotics and it's not close to healing over. I know it still bothers him. I just hope there's nothing more serious going on inside the joint. Since he was noticeably better at the trot today, with only a slight hitchiness in his swing through, I am encouraged that with steady, easy work, he will strengthen and return to normal.


Funder said...

You have wild turkeys in your yard!?! That's soooo cool. They're my favorite wild animal to spot these days. :)

Daun said...


Nice to hear from you, hope you weren't offended by my "toast".

Anyway, yea lots of turkeys and a pair of moose and supposedly some black bears. Good thing I have the high voltage electric fence!

I am hoping if the turkeys stay around more that they will eat more ticks and other vermin. The horses are living in a forest so I need all the help I can get.

Funder said...

Noooo, not at all! I just spent a lot of time thinking about who to toast in return. I ended up toasting a new-ish blog; I hope she starts writing more!

Bears. Argh! The only recurring dreams I've ever had was a series of recurring nightmares about various bears chasing me. They give me the willies!

When it's tick season again, I highly recommend that Freedom 45 Spot On stuff I tried over the summer. It's not all that effective against flies and mosquitos, but it definitely keeps the ticks off. If you get chickens in the spring, they'll help a lot as well.

Daun said...

Yep, I use Freedom for ticks. I just thought tick season would be over and I pulled one off Brego tonight. :( Guess I need one more dose of it.

Can't wait to get chickens. I hope the turkeys don't eat them or out compete them.

I hear the bears are fine, only come around once every five years or so and don't linger. I am sandwiched between two huge state parks, about 5 and 7 miles away, so there's lots of wildlife.

allhorsestuff said...

That is too too cool about the 'Native Spreaders".Gotta do that myself..thanks for the reminder~
Lovely to have such a nice arena next door..You do live the life now!

sylvia said...

daun, my husband and i (one kid at the time, and one dog at the time as well) lived in the caribbean for 1.5 years. we had chickens all over the place. HATED them, btw! (especially the roosters) but, the one thing they did that was my dogs poop, and pick through it. if chicken wasn't the only thing to eat while we lived there, i would totally have STOPPED eating it. FOREVER.
(chickens eat their own shit, know ;)

Wiola said...

Manure Spreaders - haha! Love the new blog idea btw :)

dp said...

You have wild turkeys in your yard, and we are into bald eagle season. The darned things are as thick as flies around here right now. There were two in our pasture the other day, totally not phased by the dogs or the horses.

David's folks get wild turkeys on their farm all the time. I love them (and so do the dogs -- good thing they can run).

Chickens will eat anything -- very handy that way. The only exception in my experience is slugs. You might need a couple of ducks for that.