Sunday, December 14, 2008

All is right in the world

Power was restored this afternoon. Hundreds of crews from around the
country made the reconstruction go faster than expected.

I am just so thankful that everyony made it through. Horses, dogs,
chickens, and people. No one missed a meal and the only inconvenience
to the animals was a few frozen water buckets. We even ended up
hosting people who did not have a generator and are still without power.

So now... Time to regroup and reformulate a schooling plan. Get back
to normal. But first, one long hot shower...

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leah said...


sugarmama said...

fantastic news! enjoy your shower and warm house!

Jennifer said...

Yuck! I like cold weather, but ya'll up in the Great North can keep the ice... yuckie yuckie pooh.

Sending Brego warm thoughts, pats, and cookies clear from Texas, where a 40F front is "cold".

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

So glad to hear that you all came through the storm unscathed. From the safety of San Francisco that ice storm looked downright wicked.

dp said...

Many hands make light work...glad they were able to get things sorted out sooner than anticipated. Bet that shower was awesome. It is -10C here and I can't believe that I was begging to take a cool shower yesterday morning.

Melissa said...

Great to hear that you finally have power!