Friday, December 12, 2008

Major ice storm

Major ice storm here. Power will likely be out for several days.
Brego is fine but mad to be in his stall. Fallen trees took out most
of our fencing but luckily no buildings or cars were damaged. It is
supposed to get down to 10 degrees here tonight so we are heating the
house with wood.

Welcome to New England!!


sugarmama said...

stay warm! and jelous of the wood stove smell. i talked to my mom this morning, and they're deep in snow and ice.

we only got rain, a few inches of snow, and a bit of ice. but enough to delay school for 2hrs this morning. my son was happy to sleep in!! i however, find it humorous that these delays take place for this tiny bit of weather. LOL!

back in'97, i think...there was a HUGE ice storm. power was out for a couple weeks. lines were down, and trees had snapped like tooth picks. it was beautiful, amazing, and devastating at the same time.

a perfect day to snuggle up, have a cup of hot something and read a book!


sugarmama said...


sorry that you had so much damage. but glad to hear your house, cars and horses were okay.

OnTheBit said...

Glad to hear you are doing okay. I was thinking about you and your new farm after reading the news story. I hope that you are able to fix the damage and that you can get through the weekend without power!

Andrea said...

Blahhh!! And to think, all we got was 5 inches of rain. All that ice sounds like my good ol' homestate of Michigan to me.. for example, when I was 5 we had a huge ice storm and an enormous tree right outside my window fell and smashed through the porch - cleaved it right in two. Had it fallen the other way, it would have hit the house, my room specifically - and yours truly would not be here to blog about it as we speak.

stay warm!!!

Funder said...

Oh mah gawd. Hope yall made it through the night ok!

Sooo... did you post from work or via the cell? (I can't remember if you have an iPhone or a Blackberry!)

Melissa said...

I feel for you. Its -40 celsius where I live! Good luck staying warm.