Saturday, December 13, 2008


Through some creative wiring, we were able to hook up our trailer
generator to our house furnace so we have heat!!

Still no water, but no complaints here. Still thinking we are a
couple of days from getting full power restored.

To keep this blog on topic, we are going to try to run the electric
fencing off of the generator to keep big Brego contained.

And to answer Funder, I am posting from my phone. No Internet here!!

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sugarmama said...

very creative, MacGyver !

Anonymous said...

Atleast you have heat! I was gonna say...55?!? That's still COLD!!!
Sounds like you're having quite the adventure. What is up with these week and all of us getting these nice surprises?!?!
Take care!!!!!!

Funder said...

{vader voice}Impressive, young Jedi!{/vv}

55 is officially Not Warm though - I think you've probably put firewood on the "to buy asap" list! Glad yall are staying somewhat warm :)

Andrea said...

That's why we love iPhones!
Good lord, I'm glad I'm not a few hours north of here... because apparently that's where all the REALLY crap weather was! AND my sister in VT just got about 3 feet of snow!

dp said...

Woot! The electric in our house was scary too. Building codes piss me off most of the time, but the electrical ones are there for good reason. Enjoy your warm night!

wolfandterriers said...

I remember that the power would routinely go off every winter. We heated the farmhouse by wood stove anyway, so it wasn't really an issue. Just dark!

You'll be fine--it'll make you more inventive and more appreciative of the warmer months!

Now that I live in town though...the power goes off for a couple of hours and I'm upset. There's no backup! No safety!