Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Ride and Plug

One of my dear readers is published in the December 2008 issue of Dressage Today. The author fondly known here as McFawn talks about her relationship with her older gelding who "just couldn't do dressage". Under the tutelage of a wonderful instructor, she learned that all the "can not"s were just words and she and her horse went on to show Second Level. I am very sorry to hear of his passing.

I highly recommend every one check out the article, because if there is one recurring theme on this blog it's: Love the horse you have and help him/her become the best they can, regardless of breed, age, or body style. Too many people chase the high dollar warmblood, when the horse they currently own and love has so much potential. Riding a horse like Brego has/will make me a stronger, more knowledgeable rider than riding a horse who tempis in his sleep. Well done, McFawn. You are an inspiration to me!

On a much smaller scale, Brego and I had a great ride in the indoor last night. Every ride I see 10% improvement which is just so exciting. Brego's right trot-canter departs are really getting smooth and balanced. Downward transitions still need work. His left canter still is a mockery of his right. But the shoulder ins at both walk and trot had some genuine bend and he was light. He also had retained some of the work from the last session where we worked on him moving forward with energy at very light leg aids. I find that when he works so well, he gets tired very quickly, so we definitely need to work on stamina on carrying himself properly.

I still feel like I am falling all over the place, but I am trying to be conscious of my position. I am getting stronger, but have definitely lost some strength over the last 6 weeks. Elliptical training is going well. Hopefully, I will get more video soon.


sugarmama said...

"Love the horse you have and help him/her become the best they can, regardless of breed, age, or body style. Too many people chase the high dollar warmblood, when the horse they currently own and love has so much potential."

very beautifully put. thank you for writing that.

Jackie said...

I love my horse because of his personality and his willingness. I don't care that he's not an expensive warmblood, or that his back is a little too long and his hind legs not perfectly conformed. He's very trainable and tries hard for me. What more can I ask? You never know what kind of gem you are going to find sitting in a pasture or coming off a racetrack.

I love the relationship I have with my horses, not the ribbons I may or may not win with him someday. And I hope lots of other people feel that way about their horses too.

Andrea said...

my first horse was a reject Trakehner that i got for free {so he WAS a warmblood....) with a mile-long back, sickle hocks, and an old EPM residue in his every action that made him do the occasional frontflip, sometimes with me on him. he was my very, very best friend when I was a horribly emo highschooler, and i'm pretty convinced he's the reason i'm still here today. he was everything in the entire world to me and a huge part of me went with him when he died in 2004. we did as much dressage as his body could handle (his brain remembered his former 4th level training prior to the EPM but he couldn't figure out how to make his body do it) and we even were reserve champion once at a dressage show at Training Level, a 68.3%. nobody though he'd ever even be rideable again, that's how he came to me. and he was the greatest.

Funder said...

And this article isn't online?! What is this, an excuse to go to a tack store and buy a magazine? TWIST MY ARM!

Seriously, though, good post. That underlying attitude is why I've been reading your blog for so long - you want to do what's best for you and for Brego.

Re: elliptical - I hate cardio. I am thinking about borrowing my friend's extra free weights. Maybe I can just weightlift my way to less fat?

Fatchance said...

love the horse you it!

Horse #1. Free TB. She has the skinniest legs I have ever seen on a horse and consequently serious injuries during playtime. She had suspensory injuries and 2 years rehab, three times over. Retired following an injured a navicular ligament. Somehow between all the down-time we still learned a lot. I LOVE this horse.

horse #2. Meat-price percheron headed for auction because she was not working out at a dude ranch. Previous life as pmu mare. We have logged a few hundred trail miles and now will tackle some beginner dressage. Three months in and the stumblies are almost gone as she gets lighter in the front end. I LOVE this horse!

McFawn said...

Thanks for the plug Daun! What really bothers me is how people prattle on about their young imported/warmblood/etc "prospects" but then when you check in years later to see what became of that prospect, they've already moved on, "Oh, yeah, that horse just wasn't cut out for the high levels....but I have a new prospect this year, he's by blah blah stallion..."

You miss out on a lot as a rider if you never have a long term training relationship with a horse. I am lucky for the 15 years I had with Fancy.