Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blizzard Brego

Brego is probably the happiest to see winter. He loathed Texas and heat. Originally from Canada, he could not stop from growing a yak-like coat. Now that a bona fide blizzard has hit New Hampshire, Brego was totally happy to hang out in the pasture. He was running and playing in the snow, bucking and kicking out. I never thought he was the kind of horse to run and play at liberty, considering him too lazy. Now I realize he just needs it to be below 20 F to really get his play on.

Brego is chillaxin'

I watched Brego play in the water trough, lick the snow, and then try to bite the icicles off of his whiskers for about 10 minutes. Then he would grab heavy, snow laden branches in his teeth and shake them until the snow fell on his head. Then he would eat the branch. Ah, the world is a winter playland.

It's been snowing all day, but the real wind won't pick up for another couple of hours. So I let the horses out to play and get some fresh air as long as they could. The old TB mare was less thrilled with the weather and when she finally asked to come in, I brought them both in, much to Brego's dismay. I swear, he is part yak (which explains a lot of our dressage challenges ;) ).

Very unhappy mare

The chickens, however, are not happy with the snow and are safely nestled into their insulated coop.


dp said...

Tonka is the same. I never though he had it in him, but he has been stirring up all the trouble around here for the past few days. He just really likes the cold and the snow.

The morning of the first snow I found the goats huddled in their van, shaking with fear. The poor little guys had never seen snow before and they were SO scared. I just hauled them out and closed the door so they were forced to learn it wouldn't kill them, but it was really surprising and interesting. In a normal family environment they would have older goats to show them it was OK, but without a teacher they just didn't know what to do.

sugarmama said...

LOL! at chillaxin'

happy ponies! okay, not so much the mare...but brego is CUTE!

i talked to my mom a bit ago. she said she can't see two feet in front of herself!

do you have someone to plow you out? or do you do it yourself?

enjoy! (read:envy)

Daun said...

DP, I think the chickens are the same. No older chickens to show them the ropes. I haven't had the heart to kick them out into it yet. A sunny, relatively warm day without wind and I will.

Sugarmama, we have a snow thrower and a shovel. Our driveway is long and we are cheap so we do it ourselves. I just got done shoveling off the back deck to keep the weight down. This too shall pass. In two days it will be 40 F and all will turn to mushy ice.

Jean said...

Cute picture of the snowy mare. She doesn't look too unhappy--but then again, she is inside.

I love the story of Brego shaking the branches. Reminds me of the Budwiser Clydesdale commercial from a bit ago when the older horses played a trick on the youngsters by knocking the snow off the trees onto them in retaliation.

Bev said...

You'll have to forgive me, Daun, but I just have to say it.

I told you so!!!!

The only prediction I made yet to come true is the part about remembering a day like this on a miserably muggy day next summer.

Is this the 'old and wise thing' I was promised while I was whining about my lost youth???!?!?


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Brego is so cute in the snow! Glad he's a happy pony.

Funder said...

That's such a funny story; I wish I could see him! I've always read that horses are really cold weather beasts and they're happiest in the cold.

Poppy saw his VERY FIRST SNOW last year and it was pretty cute. He was all snorty about the (one inch of) white stuff and stomped really exaggeratedly through it. Then he took off bucking and snorting through the big pasture, setting off a stampede with his friends. :3

Anonymous said...

Awww, you need to get some video of him playing in the snow!
The pic of your mare cracks me up!!!!

fatchance said...

Yep I love that Percheron fur. It is at least 3 inches deep on my girl's neck. The snow piles up on her and I can brush it off. None of it melts, indicating the insulation R value. She lives outside, with most of this week at -26C

The cold weather combined with a round bale of unlimited food, and I do get to see a feisty mare. She took off at a gallop on the track of her own accord and then threw in a round of bucking for good measure. Wooohoo!