Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let It Snow...

Winter has finally arrived. Forget the ice, bring on the snow. You can ride in snow, and today we did. We got a foot of snow overnight with another foot on the way tomorrow. The snow was perfect, big dry flakes, gorgeous powder, so we had to go for a ride. Brego's bare feet did perfect. No balling or slipping, but the snow was pretty dry so we will have to see how he does through the winter.

Good morning, Brego. What do you think of your new, white world?

So far so good on the water trough. The spring is still running.

Early in the ride. We're both still clean.

After a good hike, covered in snow.

Absolute beauty.


Gratuitous gorgeous horse shot!

The key to taking a native Texan and putting them into a New Hampshire winter is clothing. I am wearing a water-proof, medium weight bib-style overall. Then I have a cotton shirt, a fleece and then a water-proof mountaineering jacked from North Face. I am wearing my Mountain Horse winter riding boots, insulated deerskin gloves and a Carhartt hoody. I was snug as a bug the entire ride. Never got cold or wet. In fact, when I was mucking this morning, I had to shed my cap and coat because I was sweating too much. This is my "medium weight" outfit. I have the heavy duty stuff still to break out, in addition to a quarter sheet for Brego, when it gets really cold. High today was about 16 F.

We didn't ride too far because it was tough going for Brego and he tired in the snow, but it was great to get out and enjoy the tremendous beauty of this place. I am happy to finally have snow, because many of the wet trails will now be passable again. Plus, if we can go for long, slow rides, Brego will get fit without too much impact on his joints. Good for brain and for body.


halfpassgirl said...

16 degrees?!? You are incredibly tough.

dp said...

It's about -10C here today with bright bright sunshine on the snow. Lovely.

I love taking the dogs out in the deep snow because nothing makes them quite so tired (or me, for that matter). I bet it is great conditioning for horses as well. Brego looks extra super handsome in (?) sheet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Brego! Those images looked like something out of a book. Gorgeous!

I love Brego's manly pink, er red...blanket. It looks great on him, I'd put my Ink in the same too lol.

Grey Horse Matters said...

What a beautiful horse, the two of you looked like you had fun in the snow. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

We took a few laps outside in the snow today. It was beautiful, but cold at -27C. Totally worth it. The dark dusty (but warm) indoor arena just was no fun afterward.

Andrea said...

That's what I'm going to do tomorrow!!! Unless this second winter storm coming in hits early.... we'll have to just see.

Daun said...

I am so glad some of you noticed that Brego's blanket is not pink. No way, no how.

That is the super cheap $32 medium-weight Weatherbeeta Taka I got on sale. It is usual over $200. It's last year's model, but it fits well. I was dismayed at the "Ruby" color, but you can't beat that price!

His heavy-weight is the same color but I haven't needed to break that out yet.

thebeazile said...

Brego looks great.
He also looks like he was enjoying that winter ride!
Great Pictures!

Wiola said...

What fab trails you've got there to ride around :) !!!

Bev said...

Way to go, Daun. I knew you'd get this weather thing handled. Sounds like you've got more warm winter gear than I do already.

I think we've about 14" of snow right now. I don't mind the snow but I sure don't tolerate the cold too well. It was 16 degrees when I left for the barn this morning. By the time I got there 45 minutes later, it had dropped to 9!!!

I went out to get Jack from his paddock and I didn't have on warm enough gloves and truly scared myself silly. (I'm taking this medication that diverts blood from extremities to my core area. My doctor had warned me to be very careful in the cold. Now I know he wasn't exagerating!) I thought my finger tips had started to freeze by the time I got him back to the barn. Thankfully I had turned on a heating pad to warm up his bit, so I ran in the tack room and shoved my hands between the folded layers. The warming up process was not fun at all.

Then Jack rewarded me by leg yielding beautifully and made me forget the finger fright. Kind of reminded me of how mothers forget about labor and delivery once the baby arrives.

Melissa said...

I LOVE Brego's blanket! He looks so handsome! I really like the first picture on this post, when you lead Brego out into the snow. The look on his face is so cute, the classic "teddy bear" percheron expression.

Melissa said...

I LOVE Brego's blanket! He looks so handsome! I really like the first picture on this post, when you lead Brego out into the snow. The look on his face is so cute, the classic "teddy bear" percheron expression.

Melissa said...

haha, oops! I pressed "enter" twice.