Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three Rides

I was able to get three rides in this week. The first, on Tuesday, I already blogged about and how Brego was very well behaved considering his feral-ness. Thursday was an even better ride in the indoor. He was more relaxed and flexible and we got some good bends at the trot, which is a minor miracle. He did so well that I got to focus on my riding which is, um, feral. We're both so tragically out of shape and coordination. It's amazing how a little over a month will set you back. I am not looking forward to Spring if we don't stay at some consistent level of work through the winter.

Saturday, we hit the trails. We intended to do a 10 mile loop to the next town and back, but the weather turned cold and we were stopped several times by neighbors and cute kids so we did more chatting than riding. It's ok. We went a reasonable distance, walked up some intense hills that I would not walk down (they were so steep) and did a big 1/2 mile trot loop through some snowmobile trails. Brego did well but terribly out of shape.

Brego felt amped up, but I am beginning to suspect that it is more likely that I ride him in the butterfly hunt bit when we ride out which is quite severe and maybe, just perhaps, I might have a bit of a death grip, so he might be light in front to get away from the bit. So next ride out, I am going to be very brave, and ride in our loose ring snaffle. It's not like Brego runs when he misbehaves, he just performs airs above the ground in place, so a more severe bit may not be an asset.

Chickens and Brego. Brego's blanket is "Ruby", not PINK!

Today, Sunday, it is snowing and the SO and I are headed to Boston to take in the big city sights. So the plan is to do more in hand work in the dark on Monday and then back to the indoor on Tuesday.

P.S. I finally unpacked the elliptical and I am back on the "get fit" wagon.

So far so good on the water... no external heater required. Yet.


sugarmama said...

i can tell his blanket is RUBY. he looks handsome! hope you and SO have a FAB time in boston! safe travels!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Daun,

I found a great pair of winter riding breeches for those chilly outdoor rides. The tag says ELT Paris and I found them in black, size XXL at my local tack shop (Alberta). I could have worn an XL, but I want them loose and roomy. They have zips all the way up both legs on the outside. Full seat suede. They were $79CDN. as long as no one sees me...yikes. pouffy pants do not flatter.
I normally wear a 34L breech, although only a few are long enough. I am 6' tall.

I also have winter riding breeches made by Pikeur. They are very warm. Today I wore just my TuffRider breeches over thin polartec long underwear (it was only -15C).

The only pic I could find somewhat resembling them is here. Mine are not shiny. Full seat suede.

Funder said...

I am lolling about your explanation for Brego's airs above ground. It's a very me description.

Let us know how the elliptical works out for you! I need some inspiration to go visit the apt complex's "fitness room." Ugh.

dp said...

Brego looks like he is angry at the chickens, or vice versa. Are they on speaking terms?

Daun said...

Thanks Anon, I am going to check those out!

Funder - Working out is sooooo hard, but I feel better and ride better so I need to stick with it.

DP - Brego loves the chickens. In that picture he is sending me telepathic messages to FEED HIM. The chickens follow the horses around and do a good job as manure spreaders. Brego watches over them and their coop. I am hoping he will keep foxes and coyotes out of the pasture to protect them.

McFawn said...


Since its winter and there's less riding that can be done, I have two magazine-related suggestions for you:

1. Send a pic of you and Brego to George Morris's jumping clinic. I think you'll be surprised at how complimentary he'll be of your horse and wouldn't it be cool to see him in the pages of PH? (Check out this month's Jumping Clinic... a very novice rider is jumping what looks to be a draft cross--and George is complimentary of the horse and his generosity--kinda cool.)

2. Okay, this is a blatent plug. I wrote an article about my horse and I (before he died) and it is published in this month's Dressage Today. It's in the "Transitions" section. You might find it interesting because its about my relationship with my horse and being devoted to a single horse's training...something you might identify with.

McFawn said...


Didn't mean to imply that you were a "very novice rider" like the one above!! Just using the example to show that ole' Georgie is softening up in his later years...and like all horseman from bygone days, George won't be around forever. Advice from him is rooted in old time calvary & jumper stuff, not the stylish superficiality of today's hunters.

PPS. Would it be possible to include a link to Five Acres Enough off this blog?

Laura said...

Glad you are still getting a few rides in - better than the "nothing at all" than I've been doing and my horse is at a barn with an indoor.

I've heard good things about the Kerrits "sit tight n warm" breeches. Sounds like you had a nice time out on the trails as well...

Erin said...

These "cold" conversations make me glad I still live in Texas where I can ride almost all year round. You could always move back-Ha ha!

Daun said...

Welcome back! Yes, I will get a picture to Mr. Morris, but not quite yet. He really likes show pictures or appropriate dress and my best pics are schooling. I am determined to get THE picture in '09 (and if you think I'm not going to buy a full page ad in Chronicle of the Horse if Brego and I make the AECs, think again!). And absolutely no offense taken on the "Novice" comment. I AM a novice rider. Sheer years of riding does not technique make and I am severely lacking in technique.

Thanks for the heads up, I do get Dressage Today and I will make sure I read it carefully (versus look at the pretty pictures). I can't wait to read your article.

Five acres enough. Once I get the blog of the ground, I will advertise it more. I have so much to write about, I can't get anything out. One of these days, when I am snowed in, I will start posting in earnest.

Laura, I will have to check out the Kerrits breeches as well. Thanks for the heads up.

Erin, Talk to me in August. :) Between my fat, dark-coated horse and my fat, cold-loving body summers were totally brutal. I couldn't ride for three months out of the year... hmmm kinda like here. :)