Saturday, December 13, 2008

No power

Still no power. They are now saying perhaps a week until power is
restored. We officially ran out of wood so now we are borrowing from a
generous neighbor. Running the fireplace nonstop has kept the house
at 55 so we are lucky.

No power also means no well water. We are very thankful that the
animals still have running water from our trough. We've been
borrowing from them as well and sanitizing the water for drinking. I
knew that camping gear would come in handy.

Everyone has something to eat and drink so we can't complain too much.
Today's plan is to figure out why neither of my generators (2000w and
4000w) will power my furnace. If we can't get it to work, we'll be
sleeping in the trailer tonight.

Send warm thoughts my way, oh and coffee :)

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leah said...

That's rough! I hope you get your generators up and running ASAP.

fatchance said...

good luck with the generators. I have spent several whole days of my life tending fireplaces. Don't miss the weather on the East Coast. Nothing is more beautiful or more destructive than an icestorm. Natures way of pruning the trees.
Suddenly todays -25C with -35 windchill doesn't seem so bad.

sugarmama said...

stay warm daun and SO. thinking of you!!!!

dp said...

No coffee?!? Good luck getting the generator to power the furnace. Ours draws about 25 amps on startup -- maybe that is the problem?

Daun said...

Dp, the problem with the generators was that they are 110 volts. They have enough watts and 30 amps so that's not the problem. The furnace is 110 so that is not the problem either.

The problem is that the furnace (and half the house) is run through a circuit that is fronted by my 220 v well pump. So the generator couldn't power the pump and everything downstream got starved. No that is not the proper way to wire a house. We found out that guy built the house himself and fought to get the city to approve it.

Anyway, we bypassed the well pump and the rest of the house is running fine. Two action items: buy the biggest 220 v gen I can find and get an electrician out to rewire the house. The things we discovered are too scary for words.