Saturday, September 27, 2008


I am getting prepped for the big move in a month and in looking over my meager monies, it's time to insure Brego. Emotional reaction aside, I could not replace him for a comparable horse with all my money tied up in the farm. And I do believe that after some time, I would want to ride again. So I am looking into mortality and loss of use (he's much more likely to be injured and happily live with me the rest of his life, but I will need another horse to play with).

So, if you have equine insurance, please feel free to comment with your company and any recommendations. I am also interested in people telling me what they think Brego might be worth, so I can calculate Fair Market Value. PLEASE do not post that information to the blog! I don't want some crazy intraweb nutter getting any nefarious ideas. Email me privately at eventingpercheron at gmail dot com. And if any nutters are reading this, Brego is a dangerous sod who kicks strangers, takes 3 hours to load in a trailer and has a noxious flatulence problem. Plus he is chipped and has a gps theft recovery system installed, which seems like overkill because I am pretty sure he's worth about $38.42 in today's US dollars. Trust me, no one wants this horse.


Maybe Mae said...

Ha ha! Maybe you should just post how much it would cost to feed him every month. That might dissuade anyone up to shifty business.

Meaghan said...

I think you should get Major Medical and mortality. The problem with loss of use is its hard to prove and if you even sit on him for say Christmas pictures you may end up having to pay the company back...If you can afford all 3 then do it but if you can only afford 2 you should get major medical ( trust me I have an uninsured horse that has had 2 colic surgerys and 1 splint bone surgery)...Major Medical is very important

Anonymous said...

backyard horse 2K
care and feeding 10K/yr
love and dedication to training=priceless

Seriously though, your site is a tribute to what hard work and dedication can do for any horse.

I am a dedicated reader. Your blog is entertaining, funny, and incredibly insightful. I stumbled onto it while considering purchasing a Percheron. I bought her thinking I would be riding her on trails and that I would breed her for a big sporthorse. After reading your site, I am curious to just see what she can do.

My only wish is that your blog started earlier in Brego's training. The lesson we are on, and expect to be perennial, is getting her to move off my leg. I tried little spurs, but she made it clear that she didn't like them one bit. How do you get the big boy to move out so nicely?

Daun said...

Ha! Fortunately, Brego eats less than my aging TB. But, yea, he eats about $67820 in food every month. What a pig!

Meaghan, excellent suggestion on the major medical. Thanks! Also, on the two quotes I have gotten so far, they don't even offer Loss of Use on eventers/fox hunters. *Gulp* That's a telling sign in and of itself. Any company recommendations?

Thanks for your great comments on my work and my horse. I really appreciate it!

I have written about the elusive "Go Button" a couple of times in the past. I am not surprised that your mare did not like the spurs. Brego hated them when I used them at the beginning as well. The smart ones don't understand spurs without the foundation of the leg aid. Spurs should not be used to make a horse "go" but to refine and augment and already instinctual reaction to a leg aid. So in the two posts I linked about, I talk about establishing the leg aid, and trust me, it is something I do EVERY RIDE. I spend two minutes EVERY RIDE reminding Brego that my leg softly against his side means GO NOW and if he ignores, I use my whip immediately. Then he grudgingly remembers and we have a very pleasant session the rest of the time. If I cannot remind him at the beginning, then he is ALWAYS behind the leg. Once I got him understanding the leg, my little spurs just augment my aid, not replace it, and he no longer resents them. I hope this helps and good luck with your big mare!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss that post on the Go Button? It is brilliant...also, thank you for the acknowledgement that it needs repeating EVERY ride.
I especially like the cue to get ready, which is more of a half-go than a half-halt.

Laura said...

Insurance is a tough one, but probably a very smart move in your case. You have put so much time and good training into him that he would be hard to replace, I'm sure.

Value is tough - My husband sells high end road bicylces and he has a hard time convincing insurance people of their value, even with a store receipt. He has had to have the factory call insurance companies to prove the value. Even then they were skeptical.

So imagine in the horse world where there are no itemized receipts that show training hours and hard work converted into real world replacement value. I hope most horse insurance companies are good about that sort of thing, seeing as how I know nothing about the industry I don't know how that would pan out... (not sure if all that blabbing made any sense...)

Tina said...

I had a big bucks dressage horse that I lost to EPM...THANK GOD he was insured! I went through Debbie Treadwell at McNamara Company, and she was great.

ChestnutJumper784 said...

I've had insured horses for almost 15 years, here's my advice: I would be VERY careful with a loss of use policy and read ALL paperwork carefully. Most loss of use policies require you to surrender ownership of the horse to the insurance company upon claiming your loss and they will then euthanize the horse. Know your policy! Mortality and major medical are the way to go as far as I am concerned, but it's a personal choice.

Daun said...

Excellent point. After more research, I did rule out Loss of Use because I would want to retain control over Brego no matter what. So that is a deal breaker.

I am still comparing quotes and companies but will make a decision soon.


Serena said...
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