Saturday, September 6, 2008

The People's Brego

The people have spoken and they overwhelmingly want more video and pictures. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present a video of Brego and I working on dressage.


Just kidding!

Dressage Practice 9/6/2008 from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.

Lest anyone gets confused.. The guy talking to me in the video is my jumping trainer. He is not training me, just chatting about recent events in the horse world, who did what at a certain show, etc. So I muted the sound since it's not really appropriate for the blog. :)

After a few days off, Brego felt great! His bending to the right is getting downright correct. His bending to the left is still a work in progress. In the video you can really see how much stiffer and less forward he is through the left. I am excited to see what the chiropractor says, because I think the unevenness is getting more pronounced. Or perhaps, I am asking more of him and his favoritism is more obvious.

Either way, I was very pleased. We did a little walk-canter work and even a leg yield at the trot. After talking theory with my friend/trainer during her visit this week, it's funny how much my brain just shut down and we did the same ol' same ol' work. So I am inspired to take Brego to my new dressage trainer up here so she can jump start us again. I think his bending work shows progress and I am keen to see what she thinks is next for us, especially my riding.

I noticed that in the video, my reins are getting longer and longer. He's taking less contact to stay soft and elevated, but I am resorting to the bad habit of "crotch hands". I need some coaching on that as well. I spend so much time of listening to how Brego feels, I don't focus on how I am answering back. So a little more body awareness is in order, as usual.

[Since it is a warm late summer day and we had a light, soothing ride, I would like say that this ride would have gone perfectly with a Sam's Summer Ale... for one third of my readers who wanted to see beer reviews.]

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