Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Week In Review

I apologize for being a bad blogger. I have had a crazy week and am just now getting time to sit down.

On the Brego front, things are going well. My friend/trainer from Texas came up to visit and really liked the progress Brego has made. She was even brave enough to jump him over a big 3'3" oxer and he did really well for her. It was so cool to see him jump a big jump from the ground! He is so BIG!! He was even tidy with his hind end and it seemed so easy for him. She said his canter was much lighter so it was time to fix my position. I could no longer blame my canter position on him pulling on me!

We spent a few fun days being hooligans on horse back while the swelling from my bee stings subsided. The one over my eye caused some pretty nasty, eye-closing swelling. To take my mind off my new ugliness, we rode the horses out and cantered through the woods. Brego was tired from the big foxhunt, but he did very well and even jumped well in the sandy arena. Starting Wednesday, he got the rest of the week off. He has more than earned it.

Then, on Wednesday, I looked at a farm for Brego. I loved it so much we put an offer on it that very night. So now we're officially under contract as of late Friday night. We still have a long way to go before the deal is done, but I am very excited. It's a gorgeous house on 6 acres in the middle of incredible horse country. Less than 20 miles from all the hunt fixtures and shows, sandwiched between two big state parks which allow horses, with direct access miles of double track trails, with riding access to the fairgrounds which holds little open shows all years (and Farmer's markets every Friday), in the middle of a horsey neighborhood with two indoor arenas (which might be available for hire).

So if all goes through, we will be moving in November to a new farm where I get to wake up every morning and see big Brego out my kitchen window. I can't imagine a better life.

But because we will be leaving a wonderful barn which is tailor-made to producing excellent show horses, I am not sure how much real schooling we will get in over the winter without those facilities. But it IS winter, and after the hunting season, Brego and I will be taking a long break.

I still intend to show as much in the Spring (money willing). I am already qualified for the USEA Area 1 Beginner Novice Championships and I need one more top five finish to be qualified for the American Eventing Championships (AECs) at Lamplight in Wayne, Illinois. So eventing is still very hot for us. I also have a few shows still on tap in September and October before the move and all my money being tied up in a house and pastures and a wee barn.

For the near short term, the hunt this weekend was cancelled due to rain from Hannah. My Steuart Pittman cross country clinic on Sunday will be moved to the indoor to focus on stadium instead. I have still much to learn there so I don't mind. The chiropractor comes out Monday to check on Brego which will influence the rest of the season, if he needs a break.

I've got a couple schooling three phases and a schooling jumper show coming up as well. The pressure is off, so I am going for fun and to coach my SO. And, of course, I am going to set aside enough money to join the hunt this year so I have three more months of unrelenting fun on the weekends.


dp said...

Wow! That is fantastic news. There is nothing better than waking up and seeing my horses out my bedroom window every morning. Good luck with all of the logistics.

Funder said...

Wow, Daun, that sounds absolutely heavenly! I hope the buying process goes smoothly for yall :) Do you have a truck and trailer yet? Sounds like you can trailer pretty easily to the indoors if you want to.

When are you gonna make your SO put up a blog?

Daun said...

dp, Thanks! I am enjoying your blog, by the way!

Yep we have a big living quarters trailer which will be going up for sale. It's too big for the new little property. I need to get a two horse for up here.

Ha! My SO prefers to remain safely anonymous. It might not seem this way on the blog, but in person, we are both very private people. About as introverted as they come.

Laura said...

wow - congrats on getting your own little piece of heaven!! Sounds like a fantastic location to be!

I hope we get some pictures when you move in!