Friday, September 19, 2008

Brego Salon

I decided to body clip Brego on Thursday. Once I got started, I realized it as a bit premature. His hair was not as long as I thought, but once you make the first cut.. you're committed. Anyway, since it is still early in the season, I went with a full clip, minus legs. As it gets colder and his work winds down, I will go with more conservative clips. In Texas, I clipped him about once a month. I am not sure how often I will need to clip here, but since I jumped the gun, probably more often at the beginning.

The whole initial rough cut took about 40 minutes. I used the big Andis Progress Horse Clippers. After a day of the hair settling, I will go back with little battery-operated clippers and clean up the lines. I like to do the clips over two days so you can see the results better.

I made a short time-lapsed video of the rough cut. It's not too exciting except it's fun to see how busy the barn is and how nicely Brego stands without drugs or twitch for the whole 40 minutes. Public Service Announcement: I know my jeans don't fit well and yes, crack kills, so avert your gaze if you are troubled. :)

Winter Body Clip from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.

The barn owner happened to catch a few pictures of the cute 3rd grader on Brego with her iPhone. She sent them along so I can post them. I do not own these pics, their copyright is held by someone else, yada yada yada. Enjoy!!


rachel! said...

Watching Brego's ears on the sped-up vid is a hoot!

Love the nice wide aisles in the barn -- and that even though it's obviously busy, you didn't have to move him a thousand times to let people through! At my old barn if you were there at the wrong time you could spend just as often unclipping a tie and moving your horse aside as grooming and tacking up.

Serena said...


Serena said...

Oh, also, that video is HILARIOUS! I love watching his tongue flopping around in fast-motion--it's like he's talking to you! And the birds bouncing around at the end are good too.
STUPID question time--do your blades stay sharp the whole time? Cuz here is the reason i don't body clip--I tried to do a TRACE CLIP once and the blades puked about halfway through. Luckily i had been switching sides enough that it looked like a modified trace because I couldn't do the hindquarters. but it was a tragically embarassing experience for my poor gelding so i have never tried on any of my other horses ever again. :(
what can you tell me, Clip Guru? :)

Daun said...

You crack me up!

As for the blades, I use one set per body clip. I have not gotten organized enough to send them off for resharpening so for right now, I just buy new ones. I also use blade wash intermittently. I pour the wash into a little dish and then I run the clippers in the dish every 5 minutes or so. It cleans out the dirt and hairs and seems to help the clippers stay cool and the blades stay sharp. In the video, you can see when I step away and bend down is when I am washing the blades.

I have heard about the smaller clippers not holding up for a full body clip which is why I spent the $300 and got some cattle and horse clippers. The clippers are huge, the blades are heavy duty, and it makes it through a clip.

dp said...

That video is so much fun. Love Brego's lips after the little girl stops by to give him a treat, and love all of that action in the background. All of my work jeans are too big -- who wants to wear tight clothes for stuff like that?

Serena said...

BARN clothes shouldn't fit! That's why they get demoted to barn clothes! :)
Blade wash--got it. Or rather, i'll have to get it. i guess wd-40 just isn't the same.
I think my Horrible Clip experience was NOT with body clippers, just coarse blades on smaller clippers (A-5s maybe?). So maybe that's it. I've since gotten 2 big body clippers (one set even came with a sheep shearing head!) so maybe those will be better.
Roxie might be headed for some winter lessons if i can figure this out! Darn draft coats. Just another reason my hilarious brother calls them "daft horses." :)

Wiola said...

Excellent video :) You need to post it to some equine colleges with a title 'Video Instruction For Equine Student - How To Body Clip Your Horse in 4 minutes ;)))

Maybe Mae said...

That video hynotized me. I also loved when Brego was chewing/flapping his lips. My favorite part. :)

Beckz said...

Cutest pictures EVER