Monday, September 8, 2008

Mystery Solved!!

Brego got a visit from the chiropractor today. I was excited to hear what she would find considering Brego's recent pronounced favoring of his right lead and his intermittent cross-firing at the canter.

After the obligatory comment that "That's a lot of weight to be jumping..." (see, Stacey? You are not alone) she got to work. I guess this vet of fifteen years has never seen a big jumping warmblood. Anyway... Brego's front end was fine. His knees and shoulders checked out. He was blocked on the right side of his neck on his C2 vertebrate and his pelvis was twisted to the right and rotated forward.

What tremendous news! It was exactly in line with what I was seeing and feeling. Brego was very stiff to the left, like he couldn't stretch the right side of his body. And his left lead was flat and labored, while his right was powerful and easy. So the diagnosis made perfect sense.

She was able to set him straight and then, because saving for my new house is so BORING, I sprung for the acupuncture treatment after the adjustment. Brego soaked it all up, yawning and chewing, enjoying his endorphin high. Even an hour afterward, the horse was relaxed. His whole energy was relaxed. It was very cool.

So Brego obviously got the day off and I will do some light stretching tomorrow. The chiropractor recommend lots of forward work and no collection. Easy enough! Then Wednesday is my house inspection, so another day off. I will probably not jump him again before the schooling show this weekend. I want to give his hind end enough time to settle into the adjustment and hopefully hold it.

So even after the initial comment about jumping Brego, the chiro found nothing wrong with him that screamed ABUSE! DRAFT HORSE JUMPING! ABUSE! She even checked out his puffy right hind, which is decidedly less puffy these days, and couldn't find anything. In fact, he was better off than my Thoroughbred. The chiro is a former vet, so that's reassuring.

Now I can't wait for the saddle fitter later this week. Losing 8 inches off his girth and getting fit has really changed Brego's back, making it much narrower at the withers. My two saddles sit too low in front and it is causing some, er, "uncomfortableness" in my girl parts (Sorry, TMI!). So a nice adjustment... properly fitting saddles... we'll be all good.


Katie said...

I'm glad to hear that Brego is now good to go! Chiropracters are miracle workers!

Good luck for this weekend!

Mrs Mom said...

LOL LOng as you did not say your "GUY" parts, it's all good ;)

Glad Brego is adjusted there. Hope he maintains it well for you!

fssunnysd said...

I love watching a horse enjoy chiro & acupuncture work - they just zone :) Sounds as if Brego's going to be hitting on all cylinders before long - and how cool that you could feel where the trouble spots were causing him issues.

Good luck with the saddle fitter!

Funder said...

YAY, glad he's happy and healthy! I, too, love watching horses get acupunctured. I got mine checked yesterday, actually, but everybody was fine.

Does that first WB you linked, "High Times," not look kind of ... front heavy to you? He has no butt compared to his shoulders!

And now that I'm actually taking lessons and stuff I have more silly questions. Can't you use a riser pad to help even up your saddle until you can get it refit?

dp said...

As a card-carrying cynic I am suspicious of human chiropractic treatments, but everyone swears up and down by horse chiropractors. I am going to call one for Tonka this week, so I hope the cynic club doesn't want their card back.

Glad to hear that Brego is more comfortable. And good luck with the house inspection.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, how funny that someone happened to say something to you right after my episode. Egh...I'm used to it. Once some farriers told me "That's just too much horse to be riding." Well...whatever then little boys. Stick to your little ponies. Both of those farriers outweighed me by atleast 100 lbs and were afraid of my girl. Pahlease.
Anyway, glad to hear she found a problem and fixed it! Man I am jealous, I wish we had a good chiro around here. We have to wait for them to fly in from the mainland.

Anonymous said...

Heh, I just looked at those links to the wb's! Thankyouverymuch :) Klein is 1400lbs and right at 17hh. She's proportionate :P

Oh and I'm telling you...the Fleeceworks half pad I just ordered, I'M IN LOVE! Might wanna check it out or ask the saddle fitter. Mine made a big difference and is worth every penny.

Daun said...

DP, I am a cynic as well, which is why I almost never get such work done on myself. But Brego really benefits and I can't argue with the very real changes I see in him. The first time he went to the chiropractor, he had so many problems with his shoulders, knees, sacrum, neck, poll. After the adjustment, he was a completely different horse, he had energy and would move forward.

Now he has fewer problems each time he gets looked at which tells me that the correcting work we do in dressage is helping him to use himself properly and not jab his front legs into the ground.

This is the first visit from the new chiro since we've moved up here from Texas, so I am interested to see if she is as good as the last guy. The last guy was certifiably brilliant and world renowned. I am hoping Brego feels as good after the new lady and I can keep using her. I couldn't do this work with Brego without regular checks to keep him comfortable and happy with his work as the effort increases.

Daun said...

It was funny, the chiro made another comment: She was holding his front leg up, checking his knee, and commented that he didn't lean on her like "that last friesian" she saw.

Two things:
1) Not every "draft horse" on the planet is identical
2) Brego is a horse, and is trained like any other riding horse. How can I jump and compete him if he couldn't hold up his own weight on three legs????

Some people just have preconceived notions and that's all you can say. There's an 18 hand warmblood at my barn who is GIGANTIC and I bet she would expect him to hold his own weight up. Meh... what can you do?