Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Walking Then Cantering

Brego and I had a great dressage session today. He was bendy and listening. We were sharing the indoor which is the size of a small dressage arena with 4 other horses and he did a great job staying focused and changing direction and bend in all three gaits. The other riders were equally skilled and considerate and we all made it work. Yay for a good barn!

Anyway, we worked again on the shoulder-in to haunches-in transition at the walk. He was awesome on the left bend and better on the right bend. We also did walk-canter transitions and he actually did one correctly to the right! One out of 8 or so schoolings, but I am so thrilled. We got one, no trot steps, big elevated departure, very soft. I couldn't believe it. He is just so cool. We worked to the left as well, but it was not quite as solid, although his left canter is still very nice.

I've been obsessing over Brego again because he did one line yesterday jumping in the sandy arena where he cross fired. But then he did some nice changes for me over and one stride after the fences and seemed really balanced. Then I thought his right hind was puffy again but when I checked today, it felt really good. So I think I am just in major OCD mode and I need to relax. Brego's excellent dressage work today shows me he is feeling good and interested in work. I really wish I could have gotten some video. I promise soon.

In addition to being the object of my obsession, Brego has been making the rounds as a general "Good Guy". On Tuesday, he was the mount of choice for the cutest 3rd grader on earth. He listened very well to her even through her legs did not extend below the flap on my dressage saddle. He walked and trotted for her, a perfect gentleman and then she rode him outside and he trotted her around. It was so cute. His little rider was so proud of herself on top of that big horse and you could tell Brego loved the attention. He loves little kids. And I LOVE that this horse goes from fire-breathing fox hunter/sensitive dressage horse to a very quiet, gentle chaperone for a precious child.

Then the next day, he provided jumping lessons for my SO who is battling confidence issues with the old cranky TB. He was also a star and performed very well (and did not cross fire once). He is rapidly turning into the kind of horse I trust to be appropriate for the rider. And by evidenced by his dressage work today, toning it down for his other passengers did not deaden him to my aids.

Now Brego gets a couple of days off while I obsess about when the perfect time to body clip him will be. It's getting down into the 30s at night, and his coat is coming in, but he is sweating a lot during work and is acting a little hot. What to do, what to do....


Anonymous said...

Oh body clipping. Do you do it yourself?

What a wonderful boy Brego is. To carry around various ages and levels of riders is such a good thing and to be responsive to their degree is even better.

dp said...

Oh dear. I would never put David on Raven -- she shakes me up sometimes and I am hella confident on horseback. Brego just sounds so fantastic (mostly due to your hard work, and probably some DNA).

allhorsestuff said...

Oh great! That all sounds so wonderful.Your boy is neat!
I can't wait to clip again too..
It is only lower 60's yet here on Oregon. Will be in the 50's this weekend.They are jsut blowing the summer coat still!
I did the blanket clip last year for the first time and it took me forever...used the wrong small clippers that had to be retired after that job!
Well, I will just do much smaller job this time since the mares are outdoors in Pasture board. Probably the underneck to girth to flanks and around the meaty hind legs.
What would you call that?!!! ??

Maybe Mae said...

I have been working on canter transitions from the walk, too. It's been a challenge, but the few successful transitions were such a rush!

I love that Brego escorted a third grader and was such a gentleman. You are going to have to start fighting the kids away, I bet. :)

tsp said...

another great post. i'm going through a very similar OCD issue with my mare--swelling (but no lameness) in one leg that very few other people can see. hopefully a 2nd opinion on monday will determine if i'm crazy (which i can accept) or a more precise plan of action going forward.

i can also relate to your comments about brego being able to adjust for his riders. nothing makes me prouder than being able to take my mare cross country one day, then see her laze around the arena giving pony rides to my friends kids. it's a nice feeling.

i'm enjoying hearing about all your adventures in fox hunting, too...there are some hunter paces that take place adjacent to my barn, and i've been hesitant to join in, even though it looks like a blast. maybe it's time to reconsider...assuming that leg swelling is all in my head ;-)

Katie said...

Brego sounds like a doll! I'm glad he does so much for you and your friends!

i would love to meet him someday... maybe if I ever visit America!

shelly said...

i just wanted to say i am looking at a percheron/quarter horse/thoroughbred thats four years old my 4year old arabian is saddly too small for me to jump. =(
the percheron his name is Smokey i love to event and he is the only horse i found that fits me i am very tall for my age an have a long leg he is 17.2 you have inspired me to go for it. I Wanted to thank you and Brego. Thanks!!!