Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Fox Hunter's Burden

Brego got the day off today, but I did not. An aspiring foxhunter's work is never done. I have yet to decide on one of the most important details of my appointments.

What shall I drink from my flask?

The Contenders

I went to the liquor store and loaded up on all the little hotel-sized bottles I could find in "appropriate" genres. I could immediately rule out Tequila. Bad things happen when I drink Tequila. And vodka was also out. Too many martinis. Just. too. many.

Representing some of the finest liquor available (*cough* in my price range *cough*) were Jameson Irish Whiskey, Maker's Mark, Sheffield Sherry, Malibu Rum, Hennessy Cognac, Courvoisier Cognac, Baileys, Grand Marnier and VSOP Champagne Cognac. The requirements were that it had to be "warming", had to sit well on an exercising stomach, and palatable enough so I wouldn't embarrass myself by blanching while sipping at the stirrup cup.

It's tough, practicing for this glorious sport. It requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail. Such is the burden I assumed when I decided I wanted to be a hunter worthy of the tradition.


Anonymous said...

I vote Jameson or Maker's Mark.
GRR!! I'm so jealous!!!!!! LOL, sorry can't help it. But I have everything but a hunt club. I can drink whiskey all day long like it's water, I have the horse for hunting, I am a rider that could handle first flight all day long while drinking whiskey all day long. Damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dp said...

I dunno -- I think the rum should go the way of the tequila and vodka. It's just not evocative of such a decidedly European tradition.

A whiskey seems most appropriate, though I'd probably go with the sherry as I find it easier on the stomach.

Hope you get to take a break soon.

Anonymous said...

Port or a good Sherry always seems a good option to me.. nice and warming with a pleasant aftertaste.

Otherwise Jamesons is not a bad option.

Beckz said...

It can only be port or some form of mulled wine. SAnd I thought you were a purist tsk tsk lol!

sidetracked said...

I know you don't have this in your list, but a shot of Dr. Mc.Gillicuddy's (sp) is one of my favorites and leaves your breath minty fresh. On I want so bad to go to a hunt.....keep posting.

tsp said...

i agree with stacey...from that selection, i'd choose maker's mark.

my personal favorite (and i have friends that would disown me if they knew i was posting this on a public board) would be old rip van winkle Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey...the 12 year old stuff (not the mega expensive older stuff!). it is AMAZING...and "boutique" so it's hard to find. my local liquor store will only sell one bottle per customer at a time, IF they have it in stock.

so there you have it. thankfully none of my bar aficionado friends frequent horse blogs. ;-)

you are absolutely inspiring me to get involved with our local club (finally!) this year. i just got the all clear on my horses mystery leg swelling issue/non-issue :-), and i think this year we will try some hunter paces.

Serena said...

I would vote for a cognac, the more expensive the better. There are traditions to uphold. :) I love whiskey, don't get me wrong at ALL, but it seems so . . . pedestrian when you're participating in a sport like this. OR, if you want something sippingly delicious, there is a RASPBERRY port that will curl your toes, it is SO good. i forget who makes it but it rox.

Wiola said...

Lucozade Sport Orange!! :)

Mama2Arden said...

OMG.. I am wracking a very very dusty out of date memory from childhood here...but I thought women were only allowed to carry specific drinks?

That said... cognac.

Much smoother going down and since it can be an aperitif or dessert drink it is a 'stand alone'. :-)

Wiola said...

Hey again - I have just awarded you with Arte y Pico Award - not sure if you have received it before but if you did here it is again ;)
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