Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Brego Blog Wins Fame

I apologize to everyone for being a bad blogger.

I am at the end of a release cycle at work, which means evening and weekends belong to the Other Life. I did manage to ride Brego twice this week, once working on dressage and once on jumping. I did not go to the hunt this weekend, because it was an "away game" which is about a 3 hour drive to the joint meet. It is also a live hunt (coyote) and I wasn't sure if I was up for that. I am truly a conflicted animal lover/pacifist/red meat-eater/fox hunter.

My friend in Texas sent me some Phillipe Karl dvds and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how much I don't understand how to train. :) Just kidding, it's been very educational to see other horses progressing by a much estemmed professional and doing the conversion in my head for Brego. Let's see, if that gorgeous perfectly balanced, perfectly relaxed warmblood stallion in the video takes 3 oz of pressure to shoulder-in from the trot, that means.... carry the one... multiply by "Draft Constant"... divide by "Green Coefficient"... to make Brego do the same thing should take... 3 oz of pressure. Wow, I am way behind on my homework!

Brego really enjoyed the in-hand session and I found him much more responsive when I finally got into the saddle. I need to remind myself to start with advanced in-hand work more often.

As for the jumping day, I set up some small fences, about 2' high and just worked on a consistant canter and counting my strides. I really need to train my eye better. I found that I could count accurately from about 4 strides out and if I didn't see it then, I would see something bad at 2 strides and think "Oh shit, we've blown it". So I really need to get better at seeing it at, say 6, and then if I don't see it, do something about it.

I then set up a 2' 9" course and worked on rollbacks. We have a fun show this weekend hosted by my barn and Brego will be in the 3' jumpers class (and costume class). He was a star and I could tell that the counting helped that round as well. I am trying not to overanalyze my position which is Step 3 in my Twelve Step Program of "Enjoying Your Horse. Here. Now."! I did feel more secure and reading the technical aspects of the course helped me to keep back and get deep distances for tight turns. I heard from spectators that I looked much better, so I am going to run with that! :)

But the real reason for this post is that the Brego Blog has been so lucky as to receive a wonderful award from a very cool blog that I have just discovered: Baba Yaga's Mirror.

There are so many really great blogs out there about horses that to choose five would be difficult. I will need to give it some thought and get back to posting about it.

Two more weeks until the big move to Brego Farms so things will continue to be a little hit or miss on the blog. I fully intend to document any fun outings, but the posts may slow down for the next couple of weeks. Better grab hold, this could be a bumpy ride!


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hear you on being busy with Other Life. It hasn't kept me from being at the barn every day but lately it's been kicking my ass pretty good. That all changed as of yesterday though and things will be back to normal :)
Congrats on the blog award!
Can't wait to see pics from the upcoming show! Good luck!

dp said...

Are you a programmer? And, if so, are you familiar with Jonathan Coultan's song Code Monkey?

sylvia said...

(wispers) i always had a hard time counting strides. i had a very bad habit of 'allowing' my trainer to do it for me. did that work in shows? not so much! it was hard enough to remember the course, lead changes, keeping my elbows in, etc,etc.

Daun said...

Yes I am a programmer and I had to look up the Code Monkey song on iTunes. I never said I was a hip programmer! :)

Counting strides was probably the single best thing I did to improve my riding last week (or in many weeks). It's amazing how easy it is to forget things when everything happens so fast. But somehow counting slows things down.

dp said...

Cool! In a girl geek kind of way. David is a huge Jonathan Coultan fan (not sure whether that's hip) so I know all of the songs by proxy. I am very fond of the 'Still Alive' theme song he wrote for Portal. The line "look at me still talking when there's science to do" is a favourite around here.