Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Great Tack (Information) Swap

A dear reader asked if I would make a general call out to the readership asking for Draft tack leads.  I have talked about tack on this blog several times, always citing that the hardest part about eventing a draft is finding high-quality, performance oriented tack to fit.

As for me, some of my stuff is custom made (saddles/breast plate), some is draft-sized (bits/reins) and some is warmblood-sized (bridles/saddle pads).  The hoof boot debacle I have discussed ad naseum, and I don't use leg boots (yet).

I usually don't promote specific products/merchants here, since every horse and rider situation is different and what works for me doesn't always work for others.  However, we have about 100 readers of this blog, all interested in drafts, I would assume, and obviously all brilliant for finding this blog interesting.  So please comment and post with your draft-sized tack recommendations!

Specifically, I have readers interested in the following items:

  • Pull on bell boots
  • Fly Sheets
  • Jumping Bridles (plain caveson)
  • Overreach boots (heck, any brushing, jumping, etc boot)
  • Saddle Pads (every day cotton variety)
  • Nylon BreakAway Halters
  • Nylon Padded Halters
I allow anonymous comments on this blog, so if you have any info about where to buy these items for a full draft, or are looking for other items yourself, please post!  If we get a lot of good info, I will make this post a permament link for all visitors to the blog to review.


Serena said...

I really really love drafttack.com. they are kind of limited with what they have but they will do halters and bridles in different draft sizes (small and large) and they have 7 inch snaffle bits. They also custom make and custom order some VERY cool saddles. :)

Anonymous said...

Draft items:
horseloversoutlet.com (makes anything custom!)
noveltysaddlepads.com (will make any size!)

Happy shopping :)

Serena said...

also, Akers Ranch. www.akersranchstore.com and they have an eBay store too. All their stuff is western but they have AWESOME bling. :-) And they custom-made me a set of long roping reins for the TB with the World's Longest Neck.
Stacey, i just bought a saddle pad from noveltysaddlepads.com! And i was broke, dang it all! Now i am more broker!

Tina said...

ditto - drafttack.com.

Harness/carriage shops often carry riding supplies, or will create things for you. We like Midwest Leather and Samson Harness. Jerry's Harness Shop has riding bridles. You can also try Shipshewana Harness (has big Myler bits), iowavalleycarriage.com, or drafthorsesaddle.com.

When we first got our Percherons, I had a hard time finding tack. I've since discovered that you just need to be a little more resourceful and dig deeper into google and you'll find what you need. I've also learned that custom made items (bridles, etc) are not any more expensive than ordering pre-made items, so utilize your local harness or leather shop!

Daun said...

Thanks for the draft specific links.

Does anyone know of any jumping/brushing boots? I got some Woof XL and they were wide enough (Brego has 11" circumference canon bones), but too tall (11" tall canon bones).

I would like open front, leather jumping boots, and brushing boots to fit.

Any leads??

Bev said...

Do you get the SmartPak catalog in the mail? The one that came yesterday had a big section with unusually large pictures of a variety of boots. To my eye, there were several that looked worthy of further investigation.

Daun said...

Thanks, Bev! With mail forwarding, there's no telling if/when I get my smartpak catalog but I will keep an eye out for it.

As you know, it's really hard to find high-end performance gear (the kind you would trust eventing or foxhunting) made for the bigger guys.

Alicia said...

Hey there. I just stumbled upon your blog through google reader. I have a percheron cross and I am an eventer. (She hasn't evented yet, she had an injury, but I'm hoping she will recover well enough to do so) I unlike you, purhased her with full intention to event. haha
I am an instructor and trainer and have a full percheron (who does dressage) in training. So I've stumbled across these venues for products for myself and my clients:
Drafttack.com (as mentioned already) for bits, and lovely custom made bridles.
sstack.com (sneiders) Great blankets (Big Fella cut) including super fly sheets
Saddle pads I've had luck with were dressage cut from Dover (swallowtail are even longer)
Saddles: Duett is made for wide backed horses. I have a Duett Fidelio on my mare (in extra extra wide) and love it!
Halters: I have seen some at Dover saddlery before that were breakaway nylon and worth investigating.
Boots: Hard to say. You tried woof boots. XL SMB may work for you. Not sure if it's enough impact protection though.

Bev said...

Okay, since you might not see that SmartPak catalog for awhile, I'll give you the low-down on the ones I think worth investigating.

1. T-Boot EXP (see items #13760, #13762, #13761, #14029, and #16130 at www.SmartPakEquine.com). They even include sizes to fit 17h+.

2. EquiFit T-Boot LUXE (see items #14628 and #14629). They are leather and M/L is supposed to fit 16 hands and up.

3. All Purpose T-Boot (see item #14952). They list X/L (17h+).

4. Veredus Aerox Splint Boots (see item #16541). Although they only list up through size Large, I think I've seen these elsewhere in XL. It might have been from a European supplier though.

Alicia, thanks for sharing what you've found. I know Daun and I both have bought Big Fella stuff from Schneiders but I didn't see a fly sheet in that line. Do you know which one you found to fit?

I might be able to help you now:

Saddle pads - I've been buying Eskadron A/P pads in size VSD. They are not easy to find in stock but suppliers who handle Eskadron can special order them, although I am told delivery is slow, or you can order them online from European suppliers.

Saddles - I've got a Duett, too. I bought the Companion Foxhunter II (34/18) and had my saddle fitter alter the tree so it fits my boy's back perfectly. I also had him length the billets. I already was using a 58" girth and wanted to be sure it would continue to work if he happens to fattened up periodically.

Halters - I've been in contact with Dover and gotten measurements of what they have. There are 3 possibles. They can also special order the Eskadron leather one in O/S. Eskadron also makes a nylon version with fleece that comes in O/S. My local tack store has it and I think it might be big enought but it is expensive ($80). Dover also told me they can special order any size a manufacturer produces if it is a brand they carry.

EvenSong said...

Don't have a draft, but had a humoungous Paint mare that was hard to fit. Jeffers has some draft-size western gear, and halters and such...

Anonymous said...

I just picked up a Statler House blanket second hand through the connections of the owner of the company. She was making a set of size 89 blankets for a client whos horse had outgrown his 87s.

This is a size 87, made wider through the shoulders. It is a great fit. It is also first-rate excellent quality throughout, which puts my other blankets to shame.

This makes me a client for life.

I am told that the custom blankets are the same price as their off-the-rack blankets.


quiltage said...

I have had the worst shopping experience that I have ever had at Draft Horse Classified (DHC) www.drafthorseclassified.com. I paid $778.80 for an all black biothane (beta) black draft horse harness, collar and hames with leather tugs, 28" - 30" adjustable horse harness collar , draft harness pad, black harness set and what I got was something quite different. First of all the equipment arrived stuffed in a box with no bubble wrap, newspaper, or anything to protect the contents; thus one of the rings off of the hames was broken upon arrival and I had to find a welder to repair it; Rich would not take it back. The collar that I received was scuffed-up upon arrival, the white lacing and white stitching was nice, but not what I ordered, I ordered all black. The tracer lines had chains made onto them, again nice, but not what I ordered. But most of all the saddle did not fit because the belly band, the strap that goes under the belly to hold onto the saddle was too short. To me there should have been no problem to send the strap back and get a longer one, but Rich, the owner wants to send me an extension piece to attach to the band. Well, in any case this order was placed on July 19, 2008, it was shipped on September 19, 2008, and to this date my order is not complete and I have not received any customer satisfaction. Rich keeps telling me that he is sending the strap, but to date, I still have not received it. This has been my worst experience and I do not want anyone else to have this horrible experience. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned there is NONE.

Lori said...

Hi all, I am the professional rider for the tallest Belgian Draft horse in the state of Pennsylvania, he stands 19:2HH and weighs in at 2800lbs. I have alot of his tack custom made locally or shop on Ebay but I know Daun that you are looking for galloping boots and I wanted to share this site with you they custom make these boot all the way up to XXL and they have beautiful colors the website is: http://www.peopleonhorses.com/Boots.htm I will be havin a pair made for the big guy next year when we move up to eventing.

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