Monday, October 13, 2008

Hunt Video

I put together a short video of a few quiet moments from the Opening Hunt last weekend. We did not capture any of the fast action on film, but were at least able to show the hounds and field. Trust me, hunting is much more exciting than this video portrays!

Opening Hunt from Eventing Percheron on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

oh that video is making me homesick for hunting.
I"m working in warmer climes where there is no hunt.
I"m dying to hear "gone away".

Strawberry Lane said...

Great video ... enjoyed it very much. Beautiful horses, beautiful scenery.

*Sharon* said...

I am interested in how Brego gets on hunting barefoot? I am told I would need to put shoes on my girl if I were to hunt here (we are in New Zealand). I can't see why as she has great feet and she seems to cope with anything I ask of her.
Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

If you and Brego are still hunting by the time my baby is old enough to be trained and jumping, then I will certainly have to trailer up from NJ to join. It looks like such a fantastic learning experience for a horse! :D And, a lot of fun!

Daun said...

Dressage, you are ALWAYS welcome! (And I hope to be hunting for many, many years).

Thanks for your post and Welcome! As for feet, the jury is still out on Brego. From a soundness perspective, he is totally fine to hunt barefoot. He moves out fine regardless of the terrain, handles trotting on the roads fine, and has only been footsore once, after a long hunt of very rocky terrain.

From a traction perspective, I still don't know... Most hunts, he has not slipped at all. But one hunt, he slipped and fell at speed. The fieldmaster riding behind me who saw the fall thinks he slipped on some wet hay deposited on the field and we just got unlucky. She has been very adamant that he did not slip because of being barefoot.

The footing here has been very wet and slick and we've had several (shod) horses slip and fall, so I am inclined to not panic and slap shoes on him yet. However, this really is a "know your horse" situation. Some horses have good traction on nice concave bare feet. Some horses have flatter feet, especially the heavier drafts, and may not grip as well.

I am assuming the terrain in NZ is moist turf with rocks, which is similar to the terrain here in NH. In Texas, which is very dry, I would say that we have had zero problem with traction. Now that I hunt in mud every weekend, it's more of a concern. I guess I will have to make a trip over to NZ to do some research for ya. :)

Daun said...

I forgot to add that my fieldmaster rides shod horses, so she is not a barefoot "fanatic", just calling it like she saw it.