Monday, October 27, 2008

Many Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you all for the wonderful responses to my last post. I really do appreciate the outpouring of affection for the big guy. He continues to be just fine, and aside from a little fuzzy thinking, I am feeling quite well myself. My dad is not only an accomplished Brego rider, he is also a neuropsychologist who specialized in head trauma (and yes, he still lets me ride) and he has performed all sorts of scans and probing questions. I am in good hands.

I let people know I was going to be taking a break, not to instill fear or drama :), but because last time I went for a week without posting, I had many concerned people emailing me asking if Brego is ok (I'm looking at you, Funder). So, between packing, and organizing every last penny, I wanted to give people notice that we're ok, but I will be immersed in the Other Life for a bit. And maybe that's not such a bad thing.

As for the fall, it has helped to learned that it does happen, even to the best of us. My engineering brain always reaches for a root cause, however. As Beckz mentioned, the distance really wasn't that long. Surely, the answer could not be that Brego lost his brain/concentration? Well, I have the benefit of watching the video in slow motion, oh about a hundred times, and I even sent it out to my trainer/friend in Texas and we all came up with an idea. Brego was attempting to do the "front foot tap", where he glances his front foot down on his departure over the fence. He's done it a few times, and if I had more time I could dig up some video, maybe another post... But I have never done anything about it because he managed to pick it back up and clear the fence. Anyway, this front foot tap went bad, either from the footing or fatigue or mental lapse and when his left fore slipped instead of tapping, he brought his right fore down to catch himself and the deal was sealed.

Losing his brain is a wildcard. Front foot tap I can work on. Even misplaced, the front foot tap points to confidence and insecurity issues, which we can always improve on.

Here I am, rambling on. My point, and I do have one, is Don't Dispair. Brego and I are not on a permanent break, and I think an introspective rider acting conscienciously is what draws people to this blog (or Brego's flat out handsomeness. Either one.).

What is life without a little existential angst?


Beckz said...

The spot itself wasn't the flaw, the biggest problem was the canter being very long and very flat. The front foot tap is an attempt to put in another stride with a split second decision change from the horse to then try jump. I've seen it heaps and it normally doesn't end well :(. With a heavy horse like Brego, even in speed classes it's super important to try and keep the front end light. If it had been, then he probably could have safely chipped in.

If I were you I would make a concentrated effort to jump again within the next few days, even only small things because both of your confidences have taken a knock and the longer you leave it the harder it will be for you. Thats my thinking, take it or leave it lol.

Anonymous said...

For me, it is both. I learn from your introspection, and I think that Brego is indeed the handsomest horse.

Good luck with your move.

Daun said...

I know you have mentioned the canter before and I can see what you mean coming out of the corner. The sand is very deep and many horses got bogged down. You can see me riding more aggressively to get him out in both videos.

However, I had the benefit of watching the video in slow motion and Brego is correctly balanced in the canter on the approach to the fence. Please see this screen shot. You can say a lot of things about my position but Brego's canter is neither long nor flat.

The three people that have seen the video in slow motion and the many people I have talked to who actually saw it live said the canter was fine. Brego does not move like an upright show jumper, but he is very much balanced, he just made a bad call. He usually does it over spreads and it's because he lacks the confidence to make the spread. A green horse and holes in his training.

You can come back and tell me that it's his canter ten times and I will respectfully disagree ten times. :)

Your other suggestion is spot on, but I am simply out of time. I have a couple ideas on how to build confidence before things shut down for the winter for good. I am glad to get your reinforcement that that is a good idea.

sylvia said...

good luck with the move, and the other side of your life. can't wait to see pics of the garage/barn! when we get settled back in vt,(notice i did not say 'if'!!!!) i think we need to do some trail riding. ;)

sylvia said...

i just looked through your picasa album. he is so sweet looking!! my husband wants a draft..i better not show him the pictures. LOL!

allhorsestuff said...

I am so pleased with your viewpoint and "vanatage point".
It is for me something to look forward to learning. And Yes, Hansome he is!
I sent another stable mate over to your blog..she wants to event...the first thing she said was," Um, That is one BIG fella!"

Have a good time moving into your dream Place. We all are droolin' And we all are in understanding~
Seeya's a bit later Daun!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Glad to hear you and your horse are ok! I'm sure it is harder for such a big horse to be a tighty with his legs, but he sure does try for you!

Funder said...

I do love watching you think through things on here :) I wish I had some advice, but all I've got is "keep your heels down so you don't get dragged." I'm still pretty elementary here.

Also I LOVE the Ringwraith outfit! Love it!

Anyway, you are officially allowed to take a break now. Funder seal of approval given.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are both OK.
I always appreciate a good post-wreck examination and yours was so helpful to me, also a draft rider.
After watching the video, I am amazed at how "through" Brego is, and how well he carries himself. I have never seen a full draft horse with that much get up and go. I salute you! Would you mind if I used your video on my blog to illustrate a point about draft horses and the use of their hind ends?
Also, I'm having a little guest blogger contest over at my place, and I'd love it if you could check it out before you take your time away from the computer.
I'd be honored if you participated.

Daun said...

Definitely look me up WHEN you get back to VT. You can email me at eventingpercheron at gmail dot com.

Feel free to use the video as long as it's constructive and fair to drafts as sport horses. I know that was your intention, but I wanted to say it out loud for anyone else who might want to use a video in the future. Posting videos is a matter of trust these days on the interweb! :)

Ok, off to close of the farm!

Anonymous said...

Very relieved to hear you're in good hands with your dad's skills. Take care and happy mending to both you and the bandsome black devil himself, Brego.

Strawberry Lane said...

Thank goodness both of you are ok. I admire your determination to evaluate every inch of the video, frightening as it must be.

Much to be learned from your attitude about the event.

And, yes, I do hang around because of "Brego's flat out handsomeness".

Melissa said...

Hey, I'm really impressed with your determination to keep on going after such a big knock to your confidence. It seems to me, seeing the video of your fall that Brego was a little tired and just made a bit of a mistake. It must have been a pretty long day for him and you.

Brego is a very handsome boy and he seems like a fantastic horse to ride. I've learned lots from reading your blog. You and Brego have inspired me to keep working on my own percherons. Your doing a great job with Brego, keep up the good work.

Lisa said...

I stumbled on your blog when I was searching for draft horse turnout sheets for my beloved Belgian, Warren. From the bit I have read, we have similar experiences and backgrounds with our draft companions. It is nice to know I am not the only gal out with a draft sport horse! Thanks for sharing your experiences!!! (BTW - LOVE the ring wrathe costume, I’m a bit nerdy myself – besides, it is hard not to play dress up when the big guys are just such a great canvases!)

Here is a meager blog of my expearences the last year or so.

ponyknit said...

SO glad to see you are both ok. Accidents happen. Take some time and heal. Brego may just like what I call "pretty pony" time, where I typically fuss about my mare and doll her up. I'm sure he enjoys the fussing and getting a rest.
Good luck with the move. I'm a new reader so I'm not so sure exactly what that entails.