Sunday, October 12, 2008

The New Barn

We headed over to the soon-to-be new house today to measure the barn and drop off a pallet of stall mats. We close on the property in a little over two weeks and everything is done, finalized, checked off, approved, etc. So barring any sort of catastrophe or financial meltdown (har dee har har... cry cry), we're good to go.

Part of the pasture

The house is amazing, but the horse part of the property is a work in progress. The land is a little under 6 acres and mostly wooded, although there is a 1 acre clearing that is move-in ready, just need to run some electric fence. The "barn" is actually a garage, or a shed, with two sliding doors. It has a solid cement floor and is beautifully framed with a little loft. It just isn't a barn. So, we're going to make it into a barn for this winter, enough for two cozy stalls, and then dream about a proper 4 stall barn next year. The long term goal is to clear and seed 3 acres total and have a cross country course on the front acre.

The "Barn". I WISH that tractor is mine, but alas... no.

Cutest hay loft on Earth (good for 100 square bales)

Side view of the barn. Cute as a button.

Mine! (soon...)

More barn.

The plan is to build two 10 x 11.5 foot stalls and have a 8 foot aisle way at the front where the big sliding doors are. The stall size is not ideal for the Big Brego, but it'll have to do. And he will only be in during serious weather. The barn has electricity and there's a year-round spring right outside the door for water. It's, er, rustic but I am so excited to have Brego at home.

I will be updating the blog with our renovation pictures in a couple of weeks. Between the fox hunting and the move, we're not doing a whole bunch of eventing, so I hope people don't mind if I stray off topic.

Gratuitous Leaf Shot. Don't you wish you were here???


dp said...

Don't wish I was there (I am a west coast girl through and through) but it does look lovely. I would love to have a nice little barn like that, but something similar was going to be 10K + permits etc. here. The run-in will have to suffice for now.

Polka Dot Ponies said...

It looks wonderful! I am finally living out in the country with my horses in the back yard and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Maybe Mae said...

That place is beautiful!! I can totally picture Brego strolling around on that property. Can't wait to see more photos.

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's BEAUTIFUL! Lucky you and Brego!!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Your new place looks scrumptious. And having Brego there = priceless!
Amazing, and yea..wish I were there!
You'd show me the ropes of hunting and I would wear a fabulious sporting coat and have my flask to sip from!
Oh..don't make me drool!!!

Wiola said...

Oh Daun, that is breathtaking! Those colours! I will be hooked on your renovation series - love it already!!!
Lucky you :)

Daun said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate all your great comments. And Hotel Brego will be open for business in mid November. Anyone traveling through New Hampshire is welcome to visit.

Guest capping with my hunt is also available. ;)