Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Broken

Just a quick update...

I rode Brego tonight. We did a little dressage work, mostly just forward trotting while asking him to stretch. We worked on bending at the walk. He seemed his usual "I've been out of work for three days" resistant but not sore or otherwise broken. His legs were tight and clean.

I, however, am a wreck. Sharp pain from my hip to my shoulder on the left side. I was most irritated. The rest of the soreness is gone, so I am hoping this is just some deep bruising. I fully intend to ride the rest of the week because I am close to figuring out my jumping form. More on that later.

Sometime last week, I discovered several hard little nodules in Brego's skin. There was no hair loss but they were clustered exclusively under his saddle pad. I remembered in the farthest reaches of my addled brain when my Thoroughbred mare had these and they were caused by worms. Ew.

It's very wormy right now. The grass is nearly all gone and the horses are scrounging around in the dirt for food. There's about ten horses on five acres and the pasture is not picked, so it does tend to be conducive to worms.

Our usual worming cycle is every two months and I rotate with Quest gel, Equimax, and Anthelcide EQ. I give a Panacur power pack in the spring. Although I had wormed about 4 weeks ago, I went ahead and gave Brego a double shot of Equimax and in two days, the nodules are noticeably smaller or absent. I will double Equimax him again when he moves to our new farm in about a month. Then we'll go back to the regular rotation.

And for all of you who made it though my very boring discussion of worming protocol, I will treat you with another cool picture from the hunt last weekend.


Tripple Spring said...

I'm glad you and Brego are (mostly!) okay after the fall! It isn't fun when those large ones fall on you - Coaster and I rolled down a hill last summer - it was painful to say the least!!!

Another thing - if those bumps show back up again - to do is make sure you rinse your saddle pads twice to get all of the detergent out, and not overuse a saddle pad between rides.

Good luck to you both! Are there anymore events in the near future for y'all?

dp said...

Ha! My year's worth of wormer arrived in the mail today, and I was going to write about it tomorrow. You're in my headz stealin' my materialz.

Sounds like you need long hot bathes. Lovely picture.

shellbean said...

Greetings from South Africa
Just wanted to compliment you on the great photos of the hunt ... they sre great. hope you heal up quick after the fall.

Please give Bergo a scratch from Sunny SA

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update with good news!

Daun said...

Tripple Spring,
I thought about the pads, but my pad protocol has not changed, nor my detergent. The bumps developed over the last week or so. I have about 4 dressage pads and 4 jumping pads and I am terribly at grooming so I use a single pad twice before it gets washed. Nothing like that has changed in months and the bumps appeared. Good thought! Definitely something to keep in mind if they come back.

YOU get out of MY head! :)

Welcome and thanks for your great comments!

Good to know I can nag you enough to come comment on my blog. :)

Laura said...

I'm glad Brego is ok... I hope your pain goes away soon - sounds like it was a pretty hard fall.

I didn't comment on the post before - but good for you for getting back on and riding the rest of the hunt. You guys are hard-core! :-)

allhorsestuff said...

Nuts..I hate those pains from good hard riding!
I absolutely LOVE the hunt photos!
I am intriqued by a friend that recently moved to NY area and found a stable that only does Probiotics and the fecle samples come clean for worms and such from the vet...

Daun said...

That IS interesting! I used to be lackadaisical about worming, but then a good vet took me aside and told me that Brego was wormy. I was skeptical, but I followed her protocol and he turned into a different horse! Now I see wormy horses everywhere... big bellies, no top line, poor coats, etc.

My vet also told me that most worms these days are Ivermectin-resistant so I don't even bother with it anymore. I stick to the nuclear weaponry and NEVER underdose, even though it is expensive to buy two tubes for Brego. Underdosing leads to resistance.

Anyway, I would love to hear more about your friend in NY, especially since I will be moving to my own farm with two horses and can control the environment better. Feel free to email me at eventingpercheron at gmail dot com if you get more info!!


manymisadventures said...

Glad to hear Brego's fine. Hope your own aches and pains go away soon!

Bev said...

I would very much be interested in your worming protocol. Although my horse is looking pretty good, I recently took him off a daily wormer and am not sure what new protocol to adopt. Could you provide more information regarding your's?