Sunday, October 19, 2008

Out With A Bang

I went to the barn today planning on a conditioning ride. It was a gorgeous, sunny day with some crisp fall air. Perfect weather to work up a sweat.

We worked three 5 minute trot sets with 2 minute walk intervals and three canter sets. The first two canter sets were 3:30 and the final set was 4:00. Brego recovered in under 5 minutes. The horse is on fire! I can thank fox hunting, because he has never been more fit in his life.

And I have good reason to need him fit and fighting because.... *drumroll* El Brego de Oro will be entered in the New England Hunter Trials this weekend. Wait a minute! Have I lost my mind? Not one week ago, I said I was NOT going to enter. Well, it turns out that they are going to offer a Novice division at the trials. Fifteen fences, 2'6" max height, 1 mile course. Ah... a course for the rest of us.

So Brego and I will be representing our peeps (read: Hunt) next Sunday.

But before we do that, we are going to be riding in the show my barn is hosting on Saturday. I am going to take him in one jumping class, to save him for Sunday, but the costume class should not be too rigorous. Oh yea, Brego will be scaring little kids again this year.

People are excited about the show, and with good reason! Just today, two ladies and their beautiful horses trailered in to school in the facilities. I was riding by on the way to my conditioning sets and to my surprise, they came up calling "The Eventing Percheron!!" Turns out they read the blog. Worlds collide! It was a little strange having a conversation with people who are "strangers" who know so much about Brego and I. I started to tell them I was moving in two weeks and they reminded me that they already knew! So fun!

Oh and before I forget: Thanks or reading, it was great to meet you guys! See you next week!

So Brego is fit and we have one more weekend of complete horsey goodness before the move, the funds drying up, and the winter. I am excited for the competitions, since Brego and I have made some major improvements since last time we went out in public. It will be a great way to see out the season.


cindi rousseau said...

It was so much fun seeing you and Brego at work instead of just pictures. He really is awesome!! I admire your riding ability and confidence.Maybe someday ..... See you both at the show this weekend!! The palaminos mama

Maybe Mae said...

I am excited to hear about your hunt next weekend, but I have to admit I am almost as excited to see photos of Brego in costume. Can't wait!!

sylvia said...

i can't wait to see pictures of the trial! sounds 'wicked' fun. LOL!that would be strange to meet people who know about you, but you know nothing of them.
brego is fit, are you? ;) good luck with the trial!

Daun said...

I promise to have many pictures and videos of this weekend's activities (enough to last the blog through the move, I hope).

As for my fitness, it has definitely improved. I did those canter sets in two point, except for the turns where I sat back to help balance him. I am still on the elliptical and constantly struggling to find time to work out. I am hoping to really improve my fitness this winter so I can hit the ground running next Spring.

You are going to LOVE the costume! We're such nerds.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what you & the Big B come up with re: costuming this year - I LOVED your Ringwraith costume, that was truly awesome! Of course being a LOTR / Tolkein fan I was incredibly impressed ... hmmm all you needed was Viggo and life would be complete!
- Jules