Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broken Brego

As I suspected, Brego was broken. Although he was doing well on our rides, and eager to go, he just couldn't hold that left lead together. The chiropractor confirmed it today: left hip.

The good news is that she was able to get it mobile again and she flexed the hock and believes that it is clean and clear. She suspects that the hip was the result of his falls, and not necessarily favoring the hock. She did not seem to think there was any real muscle loss.

The bad news is that I dropped the ball. I should have gotten him to a chiropractor before the end of last season, certainly before he sat all winter. I am sad I let him down. I knew he was having trouble on that left lead and I let my finances dictate timing to get him looked at.

Never again. I will beg, borrow and/or steal to get the cash.

The chiro thinks there's no irreparable damage and Brego will be fine, but I still feel guilty. Any fall and he gets looked at, although hopefully we will not fall again. Additionally, I think I will get him looked at every 6 months until I am sure he stabilized.


sylvia said...

Please don't beat yourself up over this. I know it's hard...

Thnking of you and the big handsome boy.

Andrea said...

Don't beat yourself up over this Daun. He's all right, and there was no lasting damage anywhere. Plus, after his fall he got to hang out in a field all winter with a cranky old mare and go on snowy trail rides, what better way to spend a season? ;)
If it makes you feel any better I knew something was up with Gogo and at the last minute decided that it was a good idea for the chiro to look at her, and man.... BOTH SIs were locked down (ouch!!), and her withers, poll, jaw, stifles, knees, and neck needed adjusting (this was the week she flipped herself on the lunge). AND she had an area over her ovaries that was so ouchy when he went to adjust it that he had to inject it with B vitamins just to get it to relax enough to actually DO work on it. And I had been riding her hard all winter leading up to this!

Andrea said...

Oops forgot to add: Talk about the guilt! I felt SO BAD!

wolfandterriers said...

You know what? Even though you feel bad, you absolutely care enough to get him worked on. That's what matters--he has an owner that cares enough to establish when something is wrong and give him the benefit of the doubt. Getting an owner like that, in my mind, is winning like winning the horse lottery. ;)

...At least you didn't have a dang bird episode!!! :)

Daun said...

Thanks all, Brego will be fine of course and I appreciate all the warm wishes.

My thoughts are with Funder now.

Julia said...

Amazing what the chiro can do! I had Boomer checked out last year after he began bucking uncharacteristically and she found three displaced ribs & a twisted spine! I was shocked and horrified i hadn't gotten him help earlier, like you.

The important thing is it's not too serious, and you DID it. Too many riders aren't in tune with their horse's subtle communication! You did exactly what he needed.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Here's to quick healing and fun rides ahead!

ponyknit said...

As with all horses, he would have told you if he could. Your doing your job the best you can.
I'm glad to hear he is doing better.