Sunday, April 12, 2009

Riding Out

We hit the trails today, rode to the next town, and then took the power lines home. Total loop was just 4 miles, but we found some very nice sandy trails that are definitely "go fast" worthy. I think I have found my galloping conditioning track.

Even with 40 mph north wind gusts (read: freezing, running nose and ears), Brego was perfect. Everyone had every kite, wind chime, flag, etc on display in their front yards as we rode by and Brego took it all in stride. Only one mile of the ride was on a sleepy back road (we saw zero cars), so I hope to make the loop part of our regular routine.

And when the wind ever stops, I am going back to "go fast". I did find a gear or two above normal on part of the packed gravel road, but it really was too hard for gallop work, just right for trotting.

When we got home, the neighbor brought his grandkids over and Brego ponied them about, a saint as always with the kids. I swear, Brego likes kids more than me sometimes.

There is no rain in the forecast so it will be a week of riding in the neighbor's outdoor, trying to put things together before the show on the 26th. I hope to have another lesson sometime this week.

Despite Brego's dominance issues, today highlighted just how great of a horse he is. I rode out, wherever my heart desired, through forest, over brooks, down lanes, down rocky power line trails reminiscent of the merciless trails of Bandera, TX, and made it home in time to pack some kids around. We went fast, we went slow, we stopped and chatted. He's a good "using" horse, alright.


sylvia said...

Sounds absolutely lovely (except the wind)
What a good boy, el brego...

Andrea said...

Brego's the man :D Loved the dressage video in the last post by the way. What a canter! I wish my horse had big flashy knees like that! And seriously, this whole New England wind thing needs to stop, like, yesterday. Gogo was doing some REALLY spectacular aerials out in the field today because the wind was blowing EVERYTHING it could lift off the ground into her pasture... yikes.

Jean said...

Nothing like a good ride to make the spirits soar. Brego sounds like a honey out with all that "scary" stuff.

Going down to catch up on some of your other activities.