Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Soloist

I went on a long solo ride today after work. I've mentioned before that I rarely ride solo so it was nice to go out on a challenging ride where I could just focus on Brego and myself.

We did the four mile loop to the next town and back and stopped along the way to sprint around two laps of the gallop track. Then a brisk trot home through a neighborhood. I have discovered that evening on a nice day is the perfect time for a horde of small children to be running around the neighborhood, screaming, riding bikes, dribbling basketballs. Luckily, Brego understands noisy children and we safely trotted through and made it home.

The old mare apparently trotted around the pasture in our absence and called but otherwise was sane, thank goodness. Brego did not seem to miss her much on the ride, although he did call to one horse we passed in a field. Otherwise he was alert, but responsive, perhaps a bit less bold than when we ride out with a buddy.

Over the four miles, we got about 30 minutes of trotting in two long 15 minute stretches. We got to go fast at the gallop track and then trotted up the ginormous hill to the house. Brego was barely sweaty and not winded, but he felt tired by the time we got home, so I think he got a good muscle workout from all the hills.

All in all, very good training for our solo cross country trips, and a wonderful way to end the day.


Anonymous said...

An excellent hack, and good for his conditioning! It sounds like he focuses well on his work and isn't easily distracted - you have a fine horse!

sylvia said...

Sounds wonderful...

The Equus Ink said...

Yeah, sounds just superb. Nice mix-up for most any training regime :).

Jean said...

Catching up here. Lovely neighbor who put out the logs! What a honey!

Great ride out, especially with the hill work. When I used to event, I loved getting out to leg him up. Nothing works better than nice rolling terrain.

I love Brego's bold but quiet attitude. He seems lovely. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful ride on that beautiful horse. You must have be a great sight to the people watching you go by.

He is such a gorgeous boy!