Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clean Hocks

I took Brego to the vet today to get his annual xrays. Because we compete in a sport not exactly suited to the big guys, I like to make sure I stay on top of any developments. I am happy to report that Brego got a clean bill of health from the vet. He saw nothing that would indicate that the work is too strenuous for Brego's joints. If it was a prepurchase exam, he would pass with flying colors.

Whew, what a relief.

Brego has been very sound (*knock on wood* *sacrifice a chicken*) on the fronts, so I did not get his front feet done this year. Just 8 films of the hocks were spendy enough, thanks.

I have a chiro visit lined up for Tuesday and then we're all systems go to get back into heavy work. Brego is a little sticky on that left hock, but the xrays were clean and I am hoping the chiro can work any kinks out from him favoring it through the winter.

Enjoy the bone pics!


dp said...

That's great news! I wish I could make a similar report on Raven.
She was looking very good for a couple of weeks in February, but has been downhill since then. She is dead lame on the hind right when she gets up from being down, and she is short-striding on it again. There is no heat or swelling or anything, but I am still convinced that we have a bone chip. I can't think of any other reason for a sudden decline when she had been improving so steadily. She is in pain again too -- digging holes and standing around with a crinkle in her nostril. Sigh.

Beckz said...

With the top flight care he gets, with proper conditioning and joint supplements and the like, I'm not surprised that his x-rays are good.

Lizz Bishop said...

Brego's Got Some BIG Joints!

Wiola said...

Hey Daun, glad to hear that some training reports will be coming soon :)
On the soudness note, you may want to MRI his left hock at some point, in that way you can rule out anything happening in the suspensory ligament (very common reason for on/off lameness and performance decline, often without any swelling/other symptoms).

All the best,

Daun said...

You don't know how sad your news makes me. I could not even imagine how hard it is for you and poor Raven. Last December, you guys were thinking she may still be recovering from suspensory desmitis. Is this still the case? The xrays came out clean, could there still be a bone chip in there?

Thanks so much for your kind words. Good care or not, if Brego uses himself in a way harmful to his body, then his joints will suffer. I am definitely encouraged to keep up the regime of prophylactic Adequan. I can't say for sure it is keeping his hocks safe, but I can say that after a year of 3' jumping and fox hunting, his hocks look the same.

You should see the xrays of his front feet from last year. His hoof was too big for the xray block they stand on. Very funny.

Very good suggestion and it may be an option. Right now, I am thinking his whole body is tweaked from his falls last season. I should have gotten him to a chiro before winter, but with the injury, I let him rest and maybe that settled his tweaks in. Regardless, if the chiro does not turn him around, then a MRI is possible. He is completely sound at the trot, pushes evenly, nice big trot, but he's reluctant to get soft in the left lead and has trouble holding it through tight turns (in the indoor). That says hips to me, do you think?

Wiola said...

Hello again, problems with hips and/or sacroliac can be first symptom of suspensory ligament problem. And vice versa - they can cause injury to high suspensory. I read an article on this not so long ago, if I find it I will pass it on to you.