Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rolex Fever

Ok, what self-respecting eventer doesn't have Rolex Fever???

As jaded and embittered as I am about the whole "sport in crisis", I still look forward to Rolex. I am not so lucky as to get to actually *go* to Rolex, but I still subscribe to the online broadcasts (if nothing else, to vote with my dollar that online coverage of equestrian events is a Good Thing).

Like everyone else on the planet, I am rooting for Jennifer and The Good Witch.

But this year is special, because not only will I be cheering from the relative safety and comfort of my couch, but I will be hosting the Horse Radio Network's LIVE coverage of Rolex on this blog. The Horse Radio Network publishes several excellent podcasts, of which I am also a subscriber, and I am happy to promote them getting more listeners. Again, any intelligent horse news is a Good Thing.

I don't make a penny off of hosting their LIVE coverage, just blogging karma I suppose. Also, please note that they will not have live video, since NBC owns the rights to that, but they will have lots of content related to bios, commentary, pictures, and interviews.

Sounds good, where do you go to see said Horse Radio Network coverage? I will post their widget on the home page of this blog starting Tuesday night. My usual blog entries will follow below it. I know it's hard to imagine anything more exciting than watching The Good Witch totally rock Rolex, but Brego and I have our own little show going on next weekend.


sylvia said...

The rolex! I can't wait! (I used to love going to the invitationals. I would go with my barn peeps. Fun!)
I'm excited for you and brego next weekend! Is your SO going?she must take many pictures. :)

Andrea said...

AHH ROLEX I'M GOINNNNGGG!! EXCITED EXCITED EXCITED. THE GOOD WITCH IS THE BEST EVER. And Gogo's heroine. I'll bring back LOTS of pictures, I promise!

Julia said...
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Julia said...

I'm also subscribed to the podcast.. love it! Jealous of Andrea above me who's actually going!!